How did you first hear about Monzo?

I’m curious, how and when did you first hear about us?

Was it spotting a hot coral card at a busy bar and wondering "what’s that all about?"

Was it in an article about the new wave of legacy banks?

Or was it recommended by a friend?

Personally, a lot of people I followed on Twitter were chatting about it quite regularly - back when there was a big waiting list and golden tickets were hard to come by. I signed up pretty quickly… and the rest is history!

But what’s your story?


I think I read about it on some tech site back in late 2016 - possibly on Hacker News.

My flatmate at university showed me the hot coral card and he was generous enough to give me his golden ticket

I was looking for a travel card to take on holiday. Found Monzo on the MSE Site and originally thought it was purely a travel card. But realised shortly after using it the product was a lot more than that and a travel card wasn’t it’s primary purpose. Loved the product so now I’m full monzo.
Since that I’ve passed on the recommendation and got at least 5+ people sign up

2017, an article on Wired on the hottest UK startups

Early 2016 I think through a Facebook video? Signed up to the beta in March 2016 (#2345) and have been using it for 90% of my transactions ever since! :raised_hands:t3:

2017, an article on Wired on the hottest UK startups

One of the guys in the office is an investor, championed it during the prepay so there are loads of us in the office with it…

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I kinda noticed ‘Mondo’ before the first investment round when recruiters kept bothering me about applying for a job at CrowdCube.

On another forum when asking about which bank to go with.

Some guy from uni gave us a couple golden tickets in the WhatsApp group chat.

Gave it’s Beta prepaid a go and ran it up to -£7 thought nothing more of it.

Came back and now I’m going #FullMonzo and behaving myself! :joy::joy::joy:

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Evening Standard article about Money Management apps/start ups around August/September 2016. From memory it also featured Plum and Chip

I was using another internet based banking app and my initial satisfaction gave way to frustration. As my landlord had emailed new payment details I’d thought I’d look at Monzo. Soon I was transfixed by a card running to me shouting ‘On my way!’ Now I’m lost in a coral oasis.

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Read about ‘Mondo’ in a fintech article, rest is history

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I can’t remember which article, but it was in 2016 and I think it was about Atom or Starling and it mentioned Mondo near the end with a ‘there is also the fintech bank Mondo’ line etc.

Because at the time Starling hadn’t launched and Atom is, well, Atom. I signed up to Mondo’s waiting list. After hesitating transferring over the £100 at first, I can’t say I have really ever looked back.


2016, at a Go London User Group meetup, where @matt gave a talk on building a bank with Go (and I thought they were crazy).

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I was randomly searching stuff and found this article by @simon

Which encouraged me to sign up for the beta… Then with the help of a friend and some guidance from Simon I made my own…

Would be great to have another hackathon :wink:

I remember I was having a little money of a crisis managing my money and I was just snooping around for options and came across Loot and Monzo from MSE or Techcrunh? And I remember signing up in December 2016 and checking on it every day until April 2017 when I finally got my card :laughing: Wish I heard about the golden tickets beforehand!

Then from Monzo I got into other Fintechs like Starling and Revolut etc and really boosted my interest in the Fintech industry as I loved the combination and the possibilities it could bring :slight_smile:

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Recommended by a friend who couldnt understand why I was taking cash out to avoid pending transactions.

Some comments on same topic here. Just to bring all in one place.