How did you hear about Monzo?


I searched and could not find this.

How did you hear about Monzo and what made you sign up?

How did you first hear about Monzo?

I was looking to ditch chequebooks and fell in love with the hot coral card


reddit advertised to me:

(Jill Hayes) #4

I read about it on the MSN page

(Colin Robinson) #5

So long ago (March 2016) I can’t really remember but probably a FinTech podcast? (London FinTech Podcast by Mike Baliman)


Me too, haven’t the foggiest. Must be the age.


the company I work for has been on that … and is associated, apparently

(Hugh) #8

A friend in the hackathon scene (where Monzo first pitched their ideas)


December 2016, probably Hacker News or some similar tech site.

(Bob) #10

Last Feb I was looking for a prepay card for my nephew who was about to go backpacking to SE Asia for 6 months. The idea being that family could top up and we’d present it to him at his birthday/leaving party. After a few minutes googling reviews I came across the notorious MSE offer and signed up.

I got the card 2 days later and pretty soon fell in love with the app and instant notifications so with 3 days to go before starting his trip I told him to get his own :slight_smile:

(Emma Barrow) #11

Someone at work used a card way back when (a Mondo one) when paying for my coffee as a treat. I was clearly jealous of it’s luminosity so signed up immediately!

(Herp Derp) #12

This guy brought me here :eyes:

Nah I joke, I heard from contact on LinkedIn last May.


I can’t really remember why. It was probably in an article about Atom Bank when then mentioned other challenger banks around April/May 2016. As I didn’t want what Atom Bank was offering I looked at Starling and downloaded Mondo and left it because of the £100 joining criteria. I then decided to have a punt at the card sending the £100 thinking I’d lose it but I didn’t. Slowly but surely I put money onto it until I sent all my weekly spends on it.


This image that I found whilst googling something random…

I then followed @simon’s guide to build my own…


(Tony Hoyle) #15

Someone was remarking how the new name was similar to ‘Funzo’ and speculating they were Simpsons fans.

Was initially sceptical as Monzo called itself a bank but clearly (at that time) wasn’t, but I got a prepay card anyway as nothing to lose… the instant notification hooked me.


Looking back, I signed up to the waiting list on the 23rd March 2016.

I saw the huge number of people ahead of me and the offer to bump me up the queue if I referred people. The couple of people I referred appeared to bump me up the waiting list before they actually signed up, it appeared that simply clicking on the link caused the bump.

I may have used a few extra email addresses at my domain to jump to the head of the queue.


(Herp Derp) #17

This sounds familiar :thinking: :eyes:


Heard about Monzo in an article listing new alternatives to the established banks. Found Monzo to be the best choice for me and joined.

(James Murray-Ferris) #19

Found Starling first through a Facebook advert but don’t enjoy the app at all and then started googling and found Monzo and never looked back since

(Benjamin Doherty) #20

A friend of mine applied for a job with Monzo back in 2016 to do some developer job. He turned down the role in the end but did get a Mondo Invester card. As soon as he showed me the app, I was straight here.