What made you join Monzo?


What was it that made you join Monzo?

I joined in April this year. After a very negative experience with a legacy bank, I then went looking for an additional bank account. I then saw Monzo mentioned on moneysavingexpert forums. I then went to see if Monzo had a twitter page and website, and was very impressed with the features offered. I then looked at the hashtag on Twitter to get a overview of public opinion, and a lot of people were putting up their spare golden ticket referral links on the #monzo hashtag and inviting people to use them and raving about Monzo’s service. So, I managed to skip the waiting list and it was the best decision I ever made coming here!

What started out as a search for an additional bank account for personal spending has now turned into Monzo becoming my main account! :slight_smile:

What would make you leave Monzo?
(Simmy) #2

Getting a contactless debit card, having the app and instant notifications, helpfulness of the staff here and via app

(Marcel Ruhf) #3

I was very curious about fintech, so opened my account in January after being on the waitlist for a month. A few days later, I decided to move my salary over and make Monzo my main account.


Instant debits are crucial. My main bank for now is a legacy bank. Takes days for card transactions to debit. A weekend of shopping and then smack. All comes out days later. Security is excellent too. I checked my balance at an ATM and got an instant notification on my phone.

(knows someone who knows Tom quite well) #5

The hot coral card

(Lawrence Ferguson) #6

Foreign travel…but then liked what I saw

(I’m sure about 400k others would agree!)


I actually got it originally last year to use abroad but have started using it as a spending account recently.


Sick of big establishment banks controlling everything and liked the vision and ethos


I know that people are still putting up their golden tickets on the monzo feed on twitter for anybody to use. Is there an actual usage for them at the moment?


Nope. They just look real pretty instead of just a link. Probably will do something in the future


Someone I worked with showed me the instant notifications on the prepaid card. Plus showed me how the UX even back then was better than legacy

(Phil) #12

I don’t even remember why I originally joined or how I first found Monzo.
It’s been almost 2 years now.


Actually I first joined as part of the beta programme for spending abroad. I used it in France and it was flawless. In fact I’ve had more issues using it in the UK.
I didn’t initially make the switch to a current account but I later did. I’m in the process of doing a partial switch and will move all payments over.

(Simon B) #14

Way back in 2016 I saw mention on Reddit of it being a great app for helping track finances in real time. I’d already seen a few mentions or adverts on FB or something like that. Got the card in the summer - the Android app hadn’t launched yet, but I used my iPad to sign up. The company was still pretty small at that time. Out of interest I thought I’d have a look at the website to find out what it was all about and I saw remote jobs available! Went through the interview process with Maria, Leah, Yehudi, Emma and Dom and landed the job. At that time there was 40 staff members and I think about 40,000 users… Pretty insane how far we’ve come in less than 2 years since I started!


Wow the growth in just 2 years is astonishing. Isn’t it over 750,000 users now? Just imagine another 2 years from now.

(Phil) #16

Oh yeah, I remember I got it before the Android app, used it on my iPad too.
I was at the first office early on when the new/current name was announced. Dragged my gf along too. I knew then then it was going to be a great company to watch.

(Marcel Ruhf) #17

Yep, and still growing, in June, around 80K users joined - so there are now 780K users, according to the Monzo homepage.


Yeah just had a look! 780,712 customers in just 2 years, that’s amazing! Edging closer to 1 million now! :grinning:

(Ben) #19

I joined in July 2016 (#26,194) and I haven’t looked back. The insight it gave me into my spending was what drew me to Monzo. Hard to think of life without it now.

(Dan) #20

There was some chatter on Facebook between Jan-Feb 2016 between some of my friends about Monzo and how they’re revolutionising banking.

Then in late Feb they held their first Crowdfunding round. I read every single blog post, news article, and snippet of information I could find to decide whether to invest.

Whilst researching I learnt about the API, and I’m a developer so this got me excited like a kid in a candy store. And I quickly wanted an account. (#6736)

Anyway, couple of years later, Monzo are still finding new ways to impress me.