Monzo Meter - Physical gauge for your bank balance

I found out about Monzo through this article by Simon Vans-Colina. Ever since reading the article, it has been something that I thought was so cool and wanted to make one for myself. Here is the finished product…


All credit goes to Simon for the project, and my friend who has helped out loads with the software side, he has created a Github Repo for anyone else looking to build their own Monzo Meter.

We have added a few handy features to Simons code to help out with this build. Including:-

  • Ability to set a custom balance range (for max and min)

  • A refresh function to refresh the needle if it’s ever powered down for any reason

  • A range function so the needle doesn’t do a 180 and write the whole thing off :grin:

  • Some security for the Heroku app

Proof of concept…

Coming together…

Testing… Other rice cookers are available

Payday… Kerching!

Best buds…

Sending £500 between two current accounts…


Oh awesome will you be selling them?

Thanks bud.

Not sure, even if I could sell the hardware, linking it to your own account would be the tricky part.

Could you not add people as collaborators? I’d love to add this to the collection of Monzo bits and bobs.

This is bloody marvellous. Looks super sharp and very cool.


Thanks bud, It was a good moment when I hooked it all up and did a transfer from Monzo to RBS to see if it works!

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This is so amazing. Was it you who made the monzo piggy bank as well or was that someone else? I just love it. The whole physicality of banking (which makes a bank seem real, of value and builds trust) is disappearing quickly with with the branches and what is left- just some text on a screen, so something small like this (as well as slayer’s 3D printed hot chip card holders) which merge physicality with e-money are really fun and interesting and would be a differentiator if Monzo could harness its power!


How long did it take to react?

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Couple of seconds max… Just editing a YT video then will add it to the thread.

It wasn’t me… sounds interesting though, do you have a link?

Ah here it is. Made by Stuart Taylor Prototyping A [Monzo] Connected Piggy Bank


FYI - Demo video added to the bottom of the OP


Its stuff like this that makes Monzo and its community fantastic! Thanks to the API developers and tinker-ers like yourselves can come up with brilliant ideas such as this!


Whilst I think this is cool. There’s no way I’m having a permanent reminder of how little money I have hanging around the house :joy:


I don’t mind that so much… I just don’t want the Mrs to see it! :roll_eyes:

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My first thoughts - it’ll just perpetually be at the lower end!

But amazing. I love this kind of stuff! :nerd_face:

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This is fantastic. I’d love to make a Monzometer. This is seriously cool :sunglasses:

This stuff is so unique it makes me love Monzo. You feel as though the product is more than just the company its people like @Avidfanofstuff and @Slayer1551 along with all of us that make it special.


I have some thoughts about a V2… Need to just ensure it’s possible.


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