Hottest day of the year "so far"!

So with today expected to be the hottest day of the year, anyone got any plans to enjoy it? Secretly hoping the office might send you home due to the heat?!

“Storms” forecast in Manchester tomorrow, so making the most of it.

The all-time UK high is 38.5C (101F) set in Kent in August 2003, while the highest recorded temperature for July is 36.7 C at Heathrow on July 1, 2015.

Anyone think the record will be broken today?




Yeah… I’m in Amsterdam… which will hit a cozy 34 deg C… as a Scotsman… I’m gong to spontaneously combust


21 degrees and rain forecast here, weather changed last week and I’m eternally thankful


Stupidly didn’t check the weather forecast this morning… I wore trousers (instead of the shorts I’ve been wearing for the past 5 weeks) because it looked a little grey outside… :dromedary_camel:

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I’m going in to London tonight, getting on a tube and going into a Camden lock full of people, which i assume will be hot as hell

Poor decisions really.

At least my office air con is so good I wear a hoodie


Good luck with that lol

There was something on the news the other day saying that it was reaching 40c down there and that it’s illegal to move cattle at anything above 30c.

Thankfully it’s only the Northern, it was warm but not unbearable when I did the same trip yesterday

Had plans for a day out in Lancaster (not hot weather related), but they were cancelled due to motorway closures so instead I’ve left the 3 year old with a water blaster and I’m hiding in the corner of the garden writing some assignment answers. So easy to entertain small children in warm weather…

It’s actually tempting to sleep in the car overnight with the air con on :joy:

I think the record will be broken but not anywhere near me. It will be south east again.

I feel sorry for the car’s battery. :rofl:

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33° at 15:14 in Norwich.

My office is currently at 29.8 with no Air con.

Insert joke about being as hot as BLANK at BLANK

I have AC, it’s on 16c :sunglasses:

34 deg C in Amsterdam right now… currently running around as a human fireball.

Thankfully hotel room has AC

34c in West London

27.2C in a non-AC office with all the windows on and fans at MAX. I picked the wrong day to wear jeans.

Just put a cardi on, it’s a bit chilly


Stuck at work with sweat dripping down back😖 but off for 2 days next…so I’m very happy. Well…if I survive the drive back to Leeds from Bradford…NOT looking forward to that .