The heat


It’s 8:42pm here in Glasgow and it’s 27c… how are we all coping with the heat across the country? The roof of our science centre is melting and our trains have ground to a halt making for a long hot walk home over the last couple of days! Any tips to staying cool? :sunny::sun_with_face:

I’ve never been so grateful for an air conditioned office and the pool at the gym :swimming_man:‍♂️ However the nights have been pretty horrible to try and sleep through :tired_face:

(Simon B) #2

27 in Glasgow right now? Damn… It’s only 23 here in Birmingham and I’m feeling quite uncomfortable… fans on full blast!


Get yourself to Gourock and ride the ferry back and forth to Dunoon for the whole day… :rofl:


We’ve been keeping the duke of wellington nice and shaded with as many cones as possible. We’ve got to nine cones which is a new record!


I’m sitting outside with a cider. It’s bliss!


I’m too scared to go to Glasgow today… the fact that the train tracks have virtually melted scared me off!! and it’s too hot to drive up the M8…

(#savetheseabass) #7

Send ice cubes NOW :face_with_thermometer:

27 degrees right now


I would but they melted :sob:

(Ian Lyon) #9

Pretty sure it hit 31/32 earlier! Glasgow has been hotter than Ibiza today.

I can’t handle it :weary:


I think it’s awesome… It’s about time we got decent summer days…

(Ian Lyon) #11


Don’t get me wrong, I love it! But I’m strongly considering sleeping in the freezer tonight.

We deserve an actual summer after that nightmare of a winter we had to suffer through.



(Phil) #14

It was freeeezin’ last night. And pretty cold this morning.
Barely got over 27°C.


The upstairs of my house didn’t drop below 27c last night… :exploding_head:

(Jorge) #16

I’m a Spaniard living in Scotland and even I can’t deal with this


You must have been away from the homeland for too long :rofl:

(Eve) #18

It was 32 degrees in Manchester! (The fire on the moors has been contributing to this, I think. It’s been burning for nearly a week).


I wish the temperature would cool down a bit.


It’s to be a bit cooler here in Glasgow today hopefully it’s bareable!