The Weather

Ridiculously hot again today, and terrential thunder storms during the night.
Same for anyone else ? I heard some parts of England will be 34degrees today !

Ridiculously hot for most of the country today! 31° in Southampton currently.

Thunder and lightning last night. Felt like a monsoon with the added heat.

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It’s only going to get worse. This weather will be the norm within 3 years.

Out of interest, how did you get to that conclusion?

Climate change and global warming.






Yes we have weather too. The forecast told me so, I think there are UK wide ones you can look at for more info.

And yes I am being sarcastic (or trying to be funny, you decide).

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The heat I can take, it’s the damn humidity that finishes me off. Walked to work the last few days in 90%+ humidity, and I’m dripping wet when I get there. Was in Mallorca recently, ten degrees hotter, but drier, and its way more bearable!

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