Be careful out there folks!

It’s going to be :sunny: hot, hot, hot for the next few days :hot_face:

Drink lots of :potable_water: , buy lots of :icecream: and use :sunglasses: & sunblock

Some of us are unfortunately office-bound and can’t enjoy it too much, but summer is here - maybe even :cloud_with_lightning: - be careful!

What are your plans for the summer - stay at home, staycation or overseas adventure/chillin’?


Thanks Dad! :wink:

Plans for summer? Already had a holiday in June (which is also summer) but August = Partners birthday, Edinburgh Festival, Sisters Wedding, Foo Fighters gig, Skunk Anansie gig… and collapsing in a heap after all that!

Also need to train for Pedal for Scotland as it’ll be here soon.


It’s 38 degrees here in China which is not enjoyable at all, so I will just melt for now…

Yes, yes. Absolutely this. I failed to do this yesterday and only realised when I got home and polished off half a bottle (a 2l bottle!) in less than an hour, maybe even 30 minutes.

Knowing it’s only going to get hotter, I’m definitely going to make sure I do better today.

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That is almost the perfect summer! Edinburgh, Skunk Anansie, parties!! Just need a visit to Download/ Ramblin Man and maybe a bit of a summer beer festival and I would be in heaven!


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Ach missed out on Glasto tickets or I’d have done that already too!

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Couple of weekend breaks but I prefer going somewhere hot in the winter.

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Working up on plenty of roofs… not much fun in this heat :hot_face:

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We need a new transaction emoji… :beach_umbrella: or :sunny:

Great idea!

A :sunny: one for some record breaking heat :fire:

I’ve already half melted.

I do not do well in heat :sob:

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22 degrees here with a nice breeze, not supposed to get above 26

Why do I have to drink, buy and use emojiis when its hot? :exploding_head: :grin:

Awhh, stop it.

I got told last year by my gastroenterologist drinking straight water still contributes to dehydration :thinking: Pretty weird. Apparently it’s better to drink water if it’s mixed with something - like a nice cordial. Anyone else ever been told that?!

I’ve not heard of that before, only ‘bloat’ from over-drinking, followed by the never-ending dashes to the :toilet:

That’s true, but you probably have to be drinking a lot of water to get to the point of imbalance. So I wouldn’t be too concerned unless you are feeling dehydrated, then make sure you’re taking on something extra.

(For those still unsure if true, remember that rehydration sachets have sugars and salts in them to treat dehydration rather than just water)

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Straight water?

I only drink gay/bi water, tastes like unicorns.

On a more serious note: water intoxication is not fun.


I can verify that. Not fun at all. I did it to myself many years ago. Never again.

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oh, wow, I am so glad I wasnt drinking then as it would have been spat all over my mac :sweat_smile: