How are you keeping cool in this weather? ☀️😰

I need tips!

I’ve increased (chilled) water intake. Fan on. Spending time outside in the cooler hours with suncream (only in the shade). Cold water (yep, just cold) baths late at night. Cold compresses.

And I was still violently ill last night :upside_down_face: my body is not adjusting well at all.

(Also I seem to be using brackets a lot lately)

I asked dad if I could buy this as a semi joke for the back garden :rofl: he didn’t look very impressed.

Do you have an sort of fan, also as creepy as this sounds what clothes are you normally wearing. I’d advise stuff cotton or linen based

Not gonna lie, underwear indoors in front of the fan, and then cotton where I can / floaty things away from the skin.

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I’ve found it’s cooler outside in the shade than sat inside. Also socks in the fridge, wear them till they get warm again :sweat_smile:


Cold water on your inner wrists, cold water/cool mat under bare feet. If you have a fan and some ice, position the fan to blow over a bowl of ice at you… all worked for me in the past.

Don’t melt!


do you close your curtains when the sun is shining on your windows?

Yeah I’ve got those blackout ones that are meant to keep the sun out.

I’m sitting in the office in shorts and tshirt. In contrast to last year when it broke down and the office temperature rose to 34 degrees, the aircon is working superbly, and I’m actually freezing :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake: - which I admit is a nice problem to have!

Heading outside for a quick walk to warm up!


Same here :rofl: Just a quick minute outside though, otherwise i’ll just burn :hot_face:

No air con. I work from home :sob:

Work right next to your freezer lol

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I feel your pain, @BethS. I worked from home yesterday and got very warm, despite having the blinds shut and the dehumidifier on full - which is why I came into the office today!

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Working from the hot tub on my phone… We’ve turned the hot tub off though

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Great advice here…


Wouldn’t the dehumidifier add to the heat? Don’t they pump out hot air?? Or am I think of something different?

Open windows on the shady sides of your house to let some hot air out. If you have roof windows (velux and such) open them up and open up any loft access to let the hot air rise up there.

Wasn’t planning that. They go in my mouth :upside_down_face:


It does marginally add to the heat, but by reducing the moisture in the air, the heat is much less bothersome. The dehumidifier only uses heat so it can cool down air suddenly, and thus take out moisture through condensation.

Dry heat is much less bothersome, on the same principle as in a sauna, where you can tolerate up to 100 degrees, which you could never do outside.

Reducing humidity in winter also makes the cold feel far less biting.


A little too late now it has cooled a bit.
But good ways to help cool in my experience, wear loose clothing coton/linen are best but anything loose fitting will help, have long sleeves but expose the wrists, drink luke warm water instead of cold water it hydrates you quicker and uses less energy, a hot cup of tea works well you initially sweat a lot but it helps to regulate the body temperature, limit movement if you can and if you need to move do it slowly, eat well and exercise a healthy body will acclimatise better, cool your feet and it will cool the rest of you, if outside wear a large brimmed hat, try to avoid air con and artificial coolness you will acclimatise slower, get in the shade at the hottest part of the day (2pm till 4pm generally) and try too keep your mind off it as much as you can. I’ve spent a lot of time in hot places from deserts to jungles and these tips always help.

Enjoy the sun now though as we will all be moaning how cold it is before too long.

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Brrrr :snowman_with_snow:

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