Hoover / Vacuum Cleaner Chat

Goodness me. My hoover has died. After my kettle I’m not having a good week.

So, what’s the community’s collected wisdom on vacuum cleaners? I’m not sure about Roombas yet (did Amazon buy them?) and currently have a Dyson (which seemed to offer more than it ever delivered).

So, thoughts?

I remain disappointed in the forum’s lack of home appliance emoji


I’m a Dyson fan, but they can be very expensive.

My friends rave about Shark hoovers though. They just don’t look as sleek as a Dyson.


We got this for around £180 from Curry’s a few months back and I love it.

Cream carpets and two black cats, didn’t really see how much cat hair was layered til we got this :joy:


Gip :nauseated_face:


It’s crazy. They look like new carpets every time :rofl:

I’ve heard you can’t beat a Miele with a bag

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My 11 year–old Dyson upright still works wonders, and I wash the filters every quarter. Not sure I’d buy another one as the man has turned out to be such a See You Next Tuesday. (As indeed has the CEO of Next this week.)


Can’t wait for the refrigerator thread so I can tell you all about how little time it was before the display on my Samsung (bought the same day as the Dyson) stopped working.


Please do elaborate what’s wrong with them? I try to avoid brands with questionable CEOs (haven’t set a foot in a Spoons in ages) but I haven’t heard much about these two.

Currently have a Dyson cordless but I’m not seeing what it does that a cheaper hoover wouldn’t. When it goes, I’ll have to think about options. If I didn’t have stairs a Roomba would be a great idea


Both Brexit hypocrites. Dyson talks a load of nonsense about now having “Freedom of Spirit” and peddling the ‘trade deals’ arguments, and Wolfson was this week bemoaning the effect on the UK economy of the lack of immigrants, of all things!


Dyson cordless fan here. Will never use a different vacuum.

Get em serviced properly, how you should with any kitchen appliance, and they’ll last a decade or more at least.

It’s probably the same with other manufactures, but Dyson make their parts available to consumers so if you do break something, you can buy the part and fix it yourself super easy.

In addition to lasting ages, and being generally easier to get serviced or repaired, and the superb aftercare support. The major thing you’ll notice in use compared to others is suction power. Dyson’s doesn’t fade, and remains strong until the battery depletes and it cuts off.

Literally every other cordless I’ve seen and used, will start losing suction power as the battery drains. The loss in suction often starts immediately as you start using it. It’s very noticeable when you remember how it was performing towards the end of cleaning, and it’s suddenly a lot stronger the next time you vacuum after charging back to full.

Dyson have ruined a lot of battery powered devices for me because of it though. Electric toothbrushes suffer the same issue and it’s dead noticeable now. The only time an electric toothbrush actually delivers on the marketing promises are the first time you use it after being charged to full. As the battery depletes through use, they get weaker, and are significantly weaker at cleaning when the battery is low vs when it’s full. Electric shavers are the same too.

Even some mains powered electric appliances turn out to be like this as well. So Dyson have also ruined other hair dryers for me now. Theirs maintains temperature and airflow. Others get too hot, and reduce airflow in use. I can’t go back to my GHD aura anymore.

Dyson are engineering marvels. I’m not sure quite how they achieve it so consistently, but their products tend to solve really challenging engineering problems that hold the products back. And other companies just don’t seem able to replicate their engineering feats.

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I have a Miele C3. My parent’s Miele is 14 years in and still working absolutely fine which is why I went Miele. A pretty standard hoover that just does the job.

I hate bagless hoovers, I guess that’s a choice but if you are looking for a hoover with bags I can recommend Miele.

I need a cordless car vacuum cleaner, taking me forever to choose one :person_facepalming:


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Finally jumped into making a purchase, got a free car cleaning accessories pack with it, so just £199. One flexed it on one of my 6 month interest free an all. It comes out as decent in most car cleaning reviews I’ve seen. It’ll just live in my boot as I’ve no use for it around the house.


Dyson here and will always be. I’ve tried other brands but I’ve yet to find one that beats it (I was going to write an innuendo but stopped myself :joy:)

Does the car, the house and it’s unreal how much dog hair it collects.

Someone else was asking why Dyson. Honestly I’ve yet to have any issues with low suction, the battery running out after 5 min etc.


Shark here for many many years. Replaced a Dyson and never looked back.


I can only imagine the confusion if someone starts a pots thread. As in cooking pots.


Henry is a monster. Made to last and great suction though perhaps not as modern looking as a Dyson. You can often get a good deal at Costco. Also excellent for cleaning out the car.

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I agree Henry’s are classic and very well built. No different power settings though, only reason I chose Miele in the end, but I’d happily have one

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