Robot Vacuums

(Michael) #1

Just wondering if anyone here has a Robot Vacuum / Hoover or any recommendations? I started looking on Amazon but after an hour of looking, there still doesn’t seem to be any favourites.

I’m not looking to go and splash £800 on a round box to get stood on and broken, but at the same time don’t want a rubbish one (unless they’re all crap, in which case i’ll buy an old square carpet sweeper like you get in caravans).

(Jack) #2

I use to have an iRobot roomba about 10 years ago, it was fantastic! The new ones seem much more intelligent as to where they’ve already cleaned.

It eventually died and we never bothered to get the spare parts. Think it needs a new internal battery and charging dock.

I’ll 100% get another in the future.

I’m not sure how much the cost but if the base one is anything like the one I had 10 years ago it’s worth the money.