Amazon Prime Day

(Danny) #1

Guys if you didn’t know it’s Amazon Prime day and the best deal so far has to be this

Although I got another dot for 68p


I thought it was the 11th, or have they started early?

(Danny) #3

Started now by the looks of it dude

(Bob) #4



(Danny) #5

I had some vouchers left over :sunglasses:

(Bob) #6

Talk about getting one’s hopes up :disappointed:

(Danny) #7

lol sorry dude…

(Bruce) #8

I reckon echo 2 or 3 or whatever is coming soon

(Rika Raybould) #9

Surely you mean the All-new Amazon Echo with Alexa?

(Richard) #10

This is a pretty good deal! Echo Dot with Bose Full alexa functionality but wiht Bose sound. Full seize Echo is great though. Total Alexa convert here. :sweat_smile:

(Simon B) #11

Damn you Amazon with your deals.

I just bought an Echo Dot, despite being more than happy with my Google Home. £34.99 puts it firmly in casual purchase territory.

(Eve) #12

My dad’s holding out for the Apple HomePod. I got Amazon Echo and sent it back after a week :woman_shrugging:t2: It’s cool and all, but they haven’t got as much as the US ones and it’s even more useless outside the UK (granted it was £150 then)

(Andre Borie) #13

Personally I would never trust something like an Echo at home - Amazon’s profits come from recommending you stuff so they have an incentive to listen in on everything to provide better recommendations.

Besides the Echo are there any other good deals though? :blush:

(Simon B) #14

I’ve found that the Google Home can handle almost everything I need it to do, particularly with recent updates. I figure the Echo Dot can fill in the gaps :joy:

(Bruce) #15

Ordered a second, so impressed with the functionality at the price point.

Still nowhere near perfect but quite fun.

Have installed the anymote skill to control my TV through wifi and then hue light bulbs. So it’s like a real talking TV room. Just need to buy me some smart blinds :wink:

(Danny) #16

Amazon Dot in my bedroom and now in my front room

Once Harmony Blue skill comes to UK it will be awesome.

(Danny) #17

(Danny) #18

(Jason Yau) #19

LifX bulbs are also on sale!

(Benjamin Shaw) #20

Knew I should have kept my prime membership! :disappointed_relieved: