Money release of pre-authorisation

Hi, I’ve had 2 pre-authorisations taken by a fuel station in France (About £120). The transaction was denied cause I did not have enough money in my Monzo account, so I though that after 5 days or so it would have been reliesed.

However, about 2 weeks and more later the money is still blocked. I got in touch with the company and they said I have to ask to my bank. How can I solve this?

Thank you very much for you help :blush:

You’ll need to contact Monzo, I’m afraid.

Check the transactions in the app - there might be an option to report them on there. If not, go to help search for contact us and there should be a link.

(Yes it isn’t perfect and yes I’m frustrated at having their customer service outsourced to the internet).


If it’s only two weeks, it will generally release automatically after 30 days have passed. You don’t need to do anything until after that.

If you contact Monzo, they may be able to release it earlier if you can prove it should be reversed.

pay at the pump is a bit of a nightmare especially in Europe. Try and avoid it at all costs. I agree with TTJJ the hold will have an expiry date normally 30 days for this type of transaction. You can attempt to open a payment error dispute but you normally need some kind of proof that the money wont be collected. This is difficult especially if your back in the UK. Speak to Monzo chat and they will be able yo tell you the exact date it should refund. If you have a decline receipt or other proof then open a dispute. If it does not refund after 30 days then you should speak to chat.

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