30 Day hold on money


I tried to do an order from Zalando for £455 it was cancelled and I had been told I have to wait 30 days to get my money back, the chat asked for proof of this, I then sent multiple emails from zalando saying the order is cancelled, why, the date, amount and the last 4 digits of my card all of which the monzo staff requested. Not only this the money wasn’t taken out of my account as it is pending but Monzo have repeatedly asked me for an authorisation code which Zalando are saying they don’t have as the money was never taken out. I personally think it’s absolutely ridiculous, I have given all the evidence needed, I’m a uni student so it’s not like it’s a little amount to me. I want to make this an external matter as atm it feels like monzo are avoiding giving me my money back on purpose and I need it to pay my bills. Can someone please help me with this. Thank you.

Used to call them ghost transactions I think I think the 30 day is just the very maximum and it will fall back into your account within 3-7 days Asda online used to happen a lot and flamingo land for me a couple of years ago 4 separate transactions all ghost pending then returned to account within a week

The only ‘external’ people who can help MIGHT be the Ombudsman service (FOS).

No-one on the forum can help, you are already in touch with the Monzo staff in the chat.

I think you need to try and find someone at Zalando who understands how payments work, as I’m pretty sure that they do have a code somewhere.

My understanding is that the flow would work something like this:

  1. Zalando say to Monzo “Hello, we’d like to authorise a charge for £455”
  2. Monzo say “Sure, here’s your authorisation code” and mark the £455 as pending in your account.
  3. Normally this would later be followed by Zalando saying “Hello, here’s the code, can we have the money now” and the transaction would complete.

In your case, as the order has been cancelled, they have no intention of carrying out step 3. But as the other two steps took place, Zalando should have a code for that.

If they don’t, there’s something massively wrong with their payment system.

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I wasn’t asking for you’re help with the problem just where I’d be able to get help. Thanks for the first bit though

This is what they sent me, I also have another email but it contains more sensitive information.

Well they are talking out of their bottoms there…

Thank you hopefully it will come back earlier :pray:t4:

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My thing is if I’ve given monzo enough proof but they don’t believe me so why can they not just contact Zalando themselves problem solved

Monzo should be able to cancel the pending transaction without any fuss. I would ask them again.

I ask for pending transactions that I know aren’t going to be taken all the time and they return it instantly once they get round to seeing my chat.

They should just say the merchant may still take this speil to cover themselves and not to spend it unless 100% sure it won’t be taken etc

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You were not clear on exactly what help you required, forgive me for trying to be helpful.

But you are welcome and glad you got it sorted.

The monzo chat is a joke :joy: they ask me for something I give it they say it’s not enough, repeatedly :joy:

I would raise a complaint with Monzo. They should be acting on your evidence without any fuss whatsoever.

I think that depends on circumstances. How large are your pending transactions you cancel? It might be that in this case Monzo’s risk assessment means they want more evidence from the merchant - ie the authorsation code - before reversing, to help make sure that the merchant won’t come back later for the money after all.

Sorry, this statement is absolutely false and misleading to the OP. Otherwise people would be doing this all the time - “Hello, can you reverse my £1k hotel authorisation? I didn’t stay there after all” and then withdrawing the money and legging it before the hotel asks for the money and Monzo are left in the hole.


I’ve had one close to £500 it just needed evidence (email receipt) that the order was cancelled.

Okay but can everyone provide proof that it’s been cancelled for real, baring in mind there where two identical transactions that where cancelled in the exact same way those went back into my account instantly

Transaction was 455£

I develop software that processes payments for websites for a living.

Every authorisation creates an auth code.

Bart, the rep you spoke to at the store, doesn’t understand what you’re asking for I’m afraid, and gave you a incorrect answer instead.

Edit: also, I just want to point out. The store cancelled the order but didn’t cancel the authorisation, they haven’t told Monzo that they don’t plan to collect the money. The latest Monzo has heard from them is that they are taking the money. That is the stores mess up, it’s lazy coding.


They would obviously take in factors like length of account history. I’ve had the account for a couple of years, the likelyhood of myself of now trying to defraud just £500 to suddenly withdraw my cash and do a run only for me to blacklisted and have all kinds of shit after me and black-markers added to my credit report etc is slim to none.

Even someone setting up a fake Monzo account and then trying to pull this off shortly after opening is also slim as they would only be able to do this once. I would expect a far greater sum to be challenged not £500 or even a £1000, more like £50,000 to be worth the grief and the initial challenge in trying to fool Monzo with someone elses identity with the KYC video to create the account etc. It doesn’t make sense for such small values, when it’s far easier to defraud £500 with other trivial methods.