Hide Monzo premium advert


It would be great if you had the option of hiding the “get Monzo premium” banner, even if it just did it for like a 30 day period or something.

I dont think I’ll ever want premium and if I did I know I can do that in the plus tab. I feel like it makes the account screen quite messy.


It really blows my mind how much people complain about these things.


I don’t want my banking app to feel like some freemium product. Next thing I know I’ll have 30 second unskippable ads when I go to make a payment.

All banks advertise but they manage to pull it off in a classier fashion. For instance I have never come across an advert in the RBS app (they just have an Apply tab that I never go to) and in Barclays they are easily dismissible. In Monzo, from what I can see, almost every screen reminds you that you are inferior because you don’t pay for Plusmium


I have no issue with it being there, they have to advertise somehow.

But for me, it would be nice if you could hide it.

I guess if I’m asking for a tiny UI change over anything fundamental then Monzo must be doing something right :slight_smile:


NatWest do advertise BUT you have the option of removing it and it doesn’t show again for a while.

I look at my bank because I want to check my balance, not to look at an oversized advert.

Others may not get irritated but I do


It would irritate me to no end!


This is annoying I agree. The other banks advertise package accounts etc in a more subtle way, this is just in your face.

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But it is a freemium product. Basic functionality is free, but you pay to make it work better.


Agreed. Extrapolate that observation to its natural conclusion: Pay for the product to get rid of the ads.


Don’t give them any ideas!


Or leave and find a free option :+1:

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And now it’s animated which is even more annoying.

Irritates the hell out of me.

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I pay for plus as well, I don’t need to be seeing this all the time in the app. Let me hide it!

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Wait, the blue pill animates? In what way?

You look at your bank for the whole of maybe 5 minutes a day, if it’s only “to check your balance” or you can use the widget and put it in your feed on ios (the most left hand page) it will only show your current account balance though

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An animated star (rotates several times when the pill first appears) and then a constant animated shimmering (for want of a better word) light effect on the pill.

Yeah it’s really pretty


That’s one way of describing it. albeit not the one I’d use!


And that’s why I don’t think I’ll be returning to Monzo anytime soon

It’s barely noticeable!