Monzo Plus in-app advert more prominent

I’ve started seeing a much larger ad for Monzo Plus in-app, is everyone else seeing it too? Previously there was an unobtrusive option to ‘Get Monzo Plus’ away from the main page, but now to the left of the image of my coral Monzo card on the main screen is a new blue Monzo Plus card promoting the new account. It’s very offputting IMHO, I hope it’s just a trial and gets dropped…


Have you got a screenshot so we can see?


It’s to the left of the accounts tab

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Not at the moment, and it would really annoy me if I did.


What does it look like before you swipe over? Can you just see a small portion of the “card”?

I’d guess so, similar to how you can only see part of the coral card in the screenshot.

That’s right, you can see the corner of the plus card (including the shiny O of Monzo) when looking at your normal coral card. It feels visually much more cramped.

This is what I have on Android

Here you go

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For a split second I thought the big white box was an ad-blocker :rofl:


This is suuuuuuper offputting. Barclays will occasionally show a small ad for one of their products but it takes up 10-15% of the screen real estate and can be closed. I’d hate to see menus/UI elements that are just ads that cannot be closed/dismissed. It’s one of the few things that could get me to leave for good


Nothing like that on my android. No upgrade tab at the bottom.

What app version?

To see that screen, you have to - from the Home screen - tap on ‘Upgrade’ if you don’t have Plus; it doesn’t automagically pop-up.

EDIT: I have plus at this stage, so it may be a moot point and I have no idea what I’m typing about.

Same on my app. Only see that screen if tap on Upgrade Account.

No nag screen otherwise :man_shrugging:

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Thanks. Not terrible I suppose but definitely would rather it not be there.

So some users see “upgrade” as an extra menu in the bottom bar, and there’s a Monzo Plus card to the left of the normal account mode?

I’m on 3.5.1 now , but I’ve had it for at least a month.

I can see it from there too, but it’s also a separate tab which is there constantly.

It wasn’t there straight away, it might have come after clicking upgrade a few times.

Oh wow, yeah this is not cool Monzo.



Oh now that would drive me mad. Would be enough to contact support for the first time ever to see if they could get it removed.


Very much not a fan of that big upgrade tab.

Would hope that’s a test (and it fails…).

Mondo need money but it makes it seem like you’re using a free version of a generally paid for product