Monzo Premium Blue Bar

Is there anyway Monzo, you can please let us choose to dismiss the big blue ‘Monzo Premium’ button on the home page of the app? I appreciate you want to upsell, but please give us the option to dismiss this message and not have it permanently there.


Do you mean the tiny blue upgrade button on the all accounts view? That doesn’t bother me at all as I rarely see that screen anyway. The card can apparently now be removed

I believe OP means this:

I completely appreciate up-selling and have no hopes of this being removed, but I do think that paying for plus should remove ads (yeah I’m gonna call them ads) for even higher tiers.


Yes that’s what I mean.

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Don’t notice it after a while :man_shrugging:

Though mine says Upgrade Account

Don’t disagree. Def haven’t thought about it for a while until I saw this post, but I do think it should be removed.


This one in particular doesn’t bother me much because I don’t usually go to this screen. I appreciate that if you have a million pots it may become annoying

All my pots are hidden :see_no_evil:

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I get that some people find it annoying, but I’d expect that Monzo have a ton of metrics on how many and who the button is presented to and what happens next.

They will base any decision on what to do with the button on that, rather than what people say on here.


You would hope, but I still remember the survey of 5 people which changed Plus V1 from Pick’n’Mix to bundles because it was apparently so complicated to understand :roll_eyes:


Or move it somewhere more prominent. Like those ‘continue to account overview’ full screen ads from traditional banks that you see every time you log in. :speak_no_evil:

You’ve mis-remembered that.

That was tongue in cheek, but seemingly today is not the day for that.


People stomping their feet got the 'zo corner of a card poking out removed. So I wouldn’t rule it out.


I still have Zo. I like to think Zo is short for Zoe, Zo is like an old friend who due to corona I can see, but only in the distance peeking out from round a corner. We’ve all got those friends who are far more sufferable from a distance while peaking out from round a corner…

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That didn’t take long…

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Sorry, went right over my head :+1:


Fellow foot stomper here! Completely missed the news where this had been removed, but glad that it has, though it never made its way into the app for me. Nice to see that Monzo actually do listen sometimes!

The blue bar doesn’t bother me as much personally though. It’s unobtrusive and promoted in a part of the app that makes more sense, just as things should be!

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I came to this thread hoping to see news of a new, posh, exclusive drinking establishment for Premium customers.

I’m leaving it severely disappointed


I would not mind to be shown “renew” flow once a year or like every 6 months if I want to switch from plus to premium or standard. With like a summary of the features I did in fact use.

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