Remove Monzo Plus Page


how do you remove this page from the app?

I am not interested Monzo Plus therefore I do not wish to see this.

Also everytime I swipe down the app crashes.

Thank you


Currently there isn’t a way to remove it. Currently just don’t swipe left

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The only way to remove it is to pay the £5 pm.


Well that’s never gonna happen so Monzo need to create a way to remove this as I am sure others do not want Monzo Plus either.


It’s an advert. Lots of companies do it.

I don’t see what the big deal is about seeing “zo” in a place you never have to scroll to, touch, see etc.

Now you’ve realised what it is, don’t scroll left? Pretty simple really?

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Those are because they are front and centre. Then they will re-appear.

You have two choices; You either deal with a tiny ad in the corner of the screen or you close your account.

Posting on the forum demanding the ad is removed isn’t going to get you anywhere.


I understand ads are ads in most peoples books but you’re mixing up different types.

There are ads that can be supplied by Google (for example) where the owner of the app gets paid per click. These can be blocked by your ad blocker.

Then there are the ones you can click X and they disappear but generally reappear when you log in the next time.

Then there are permanent ads. Like this one, and for example on Halifax where you get a full screen advert when you log in and have to press the ‘proceed to account overview’ button. Even when there, you’ll find other permanent ads for mortgages, credit cards and things.

Some others have mentioned that it’s annoying but probably nowhere near enough for Monzo to act on it. Monzo Plus is new and one of their main (if not only) sources of good revenue so they want to shout about it. Therefore it’s unlikely they will allow you to remove it permanently.


Thanks for the answer, I fully understand that however I would have preferred to just dismiss said advert instead of it always being there. If it comes back in a month so be it, I just don’t see the need for it to always be there once you have seen it.

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I believe that having it disappear for a set time was a compromise people came to in the other topic.

Maybe they’ll implement this one day but to argue from the other side… You don’t need to swipe left for anything, so until then, try not to do this and you’ll never have to see it. :slight_smile:


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The Topic is open again and feedback is always appreciated but directing this into a fight isn’t something that we’ll be allowing on here.


I missed this thread, but that gave me a good chuckle, thanks!

I’m not a fan of this intrusive approach to marketing either. If it’s not a product I’m interested in, it’ll put me off the base product more than it will convince me to sign up. So the ability to dismiss it would be nice.

The version of marketing you’re seeing is similar to how N26 initially went about promoting their premium products, which got a lot of flack from people on here, despite the same argument of not having to swipe holding true for N26 too, not to mention their’s was less flashy and less intrusive.

Other apps that use this approach can often get away with it, because it fits with the UI scheme and appears where the product normally would appear once you pay for it.

I’m not keen on A/B testing either, it’s an toxic unethical tactic, but other users are instead seeing it advertised where the plus features normally reside, which I find more appropriate and would be happier to put up with as a basic customer.


I’m not sure that’s the metric which Monzo will pay attention to.

My guess is that it will go if and when Monzo decide it is not serving it’s desired purpose, which is presumably to drive sign ups. Then it may be replaced with something more obtrusive, or maybe an ad for something else.

More? This one is obtrusive enough.

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On what basis?

Surely if it’s a random % that get shown in then that’s a good way to test?

If they are purposely showing Plus to people who only have £5 left each month or people who are always in their overdraft and love to keep spending, then I would agree. But I very much doubt that is the case.

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On the basis that customers have no idea they’re being tested on. It’s not transparent. We only figure out that it’s going on when people come and complain here and there are multiple different experiences going on.

For the company perhaps, not always for the end user. It’s an easy to abuse tactic that can result in psychological manipulation. There are a lot of studies on this, and it was recently touched up in that new Netflix documentary on social media I believe. It’s something I’m discussing currently with my peers at the OU.

I’m not saying Monzo’s use of them is bad per se, just that in general there are perhaps some ethnical issues with the nature of them.

There’s a very fair and balanced article on this at TechCrunch here, if you’d like to take a look:

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I feel the same about Connect to Contacts on the payments tab. I don’t want to do it, but I also don’t want to have the message constantly cluttering up the screen.


I have to disagree with two things that have been said here:

  1. “Monzo is a free app, therefore ads are okay.”

If the bank is using your leftover cash for their loanbook or investments or whatnot, then no it’s not a ‘free’ service in the same way that Gmail or Facebook are ‘free’. The lay of the land, while similar, is not the same here.

  1. “You shouldn’t give feedback to a product team on their official community forum because it will never lead to change.”

Absolute rot. Feedback loops build great products. Great product teams crave feedback from their customers and are humble enough to listen to what all their users have to say. Not to mention that this forum is the official place to provide such feedback. Certain self-appointed ‘gatekeepers’ would do well to remember that.

That said, my gut feeling is that the people complaining either wouldn’t quit over it, or they were never going to convert to Monzo full time anyway, so nothing lost.

I don’t think it’s a deal-breaker to have a pretty low-key and avoidable ad in the corner of the screen. If it did something obnoxious like glisten or bounce then that would be different. Anyway Monzo can easily validate the size of the detractors within the customerbase through various methods. I don’t think they need to, nor will they knee-jerk over this.