Now TV Double Charge Problem?

I’ve been charged twice for my Now TV subscription according to my Monzo app (£28.98 on 7th August, £28.98 today).

I’ve been on app chat with them (screenshot below) and they’ve advised me quite a few Monzo customers have been contacting them today. I’m in the process of contacting Monzo now.

Anyone else had this issue?

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There was at least one other person posting here about it,

It’s almost definitely a problem with them or their payment processor, but only one of your payments should go through and the other should hang pending and it will either be credited back within 7 or 30 day, staff will be able to manually reverse it if you ask them.

Tap on both and see if one still says Pending while the other doesn’t. That will be refunded after a week, but if you need the money urgently you can tap ‘Speak to us’ (or similar) to send Monzo a message about it, and they can reverse it (they may want a screenshot of your bill to be sure).

Similar happened with Sky recently and Now was mentioned on the thread too - Sky Bill - Charged Twice

Yep, one is pending!

I have had the same issue with NowTV and being charged twice. I contacted support and they refunded one of the payments immediately and said it was a known issue.

I am quite disappointed with Monzo, normally when something like this happens, they get ahead of the issue, inform those involved and explain what has happened. Because of this I immediately contacted NowTV and accused them of making the mistake.

The only reason Monzo have continued to succeed despite their repeated outages and issues is because of their outstanding transparency and the way they deal with incidents. I think they have let themselves down on this occasion, even if it is not directly their fault, I expect better communication and don’t expect to have to ask for a refund.

I’ve only been following this loosely but isn’t this a NowTV billing issue? With NowTV having multiple passes that can hit multuple times a month I’m not sure Monzo should be getting involved?

It’s a Nowtv issue attempting to charge you twice not Monzo :wink:

Same happens with other banks it’s not just limited to Monzo

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I’m not suggesting it is Monzo’s fault, I just would expect them to let people know as soon as they find out.

This is the response from customer support

It’s caused by an acquirer used by Now TV and other companies to process their payments.
We are working with them to resolve it as quickly as possible.
Please rest assured that these payments will never actually be taken twice, and the duplicate authorisation will always be returned to your account. Apologies again!

I just think if they knew a certain group of users were effected they could have let them know instead of ignoring the issue.


Playing devils advocate a little, weren’t the two notifications for the same merchant for the same amount an alert?

Being a card payment as well, do monzo know if a transaction is a duplicate vs a customer paying the same amount again for something else? I front know if any type of IDs were duplicated.

We’ve implemented a workaround for the bad data from NowTV’s card payments acquirer. Hopefully you shouldn’t see this from now (but let customer support know if you do!). :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d expect NowTV to be the ones who should be telling their customers but I take your point.

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