Edit Summary Period when you no longer have the Summary page

Sometimes this app makes me feel like I’ve had a stroke.

  • My Bills pot’s Left to Pay value currently runs on a weekly period - but I want to change it to monthly
  • The Left to Pay period mirrors whatever you have set as the Summary period on the Summary page
  • The Summary page is being/has been phased out and I no longer have the pie chart button to access it
  • I am losing my mind trying to find where I am now supposed to change the left to pay period. All the Help docs just unhelpfully tell you to change it on the non-existent Summary page.

Can anyone help me before I throw my phone in the canal?

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Hi :wave:
If you go to ‘trends’ then ‘this month’ in the top right corner, it should show ‘month resets on’, which allows you to choose a date.
I never used the summary page, so hope this is what you’re looking for.

Everything on my Trends page is set to reset monthly on the 1st - and has had no effect on my Bills pot’s left to pay period.

It even plainly says here that the Summary period is used for its calculations. It’s extremely dumb.

Do you have a joint account?


I have a personal and joint account.
If I make a change to my personal month reset date, it doesn’t cause the joint account/pots to change, so it may be something to do with that.
I’d double check you’ve got the account the pot is connected to selected in the trends screen before making the change.

Everything in Trends is set to monthly on every combination of account and pot selection. I’m not even sure if you can set Trends to work weekly.

The problem here is that my Bills pot is 100% using Summary for its calculations and not Trends, and I can no longer access Summary to change it.

It seems to be affecting some other people.

This may not work if it’s an account issue, but do newly created pots also show the 25th Jan?

Yep, new pots still use the weekly period from summary

This works on Android, not sure for iOS:

  • Go into a single account (Personal for example)
  • Tap on the search icon (top right)
  • Search for ‘Summary’
  • A list of 'Spending report’s is shown. Tap on any one of them
  • At the bottom of the period report, tap on ‘See full summary’

Hopefully it works, to get you to access Summary :crossed_fingers:, if it does:

  • Tap on the Calendar icon (top-right)
  • On the drop-down, tap on ‘Change’ and set the Summary period as required

That is so fucking dumb but it worked - and only because I still had some old summary notifications from years ago in my feed.



Hi there! I am having the same difficulty, but I followed your instructions and didn’t have any results when I search “summary”.

Is there another way to access the page? (Or better yef, to change the date that the “left to pay” calculates from in a pot).

Thank you!

Hi @Lochnyss & welcome :wave:

Try the same instructions, but search instead for ‘Spending report’ - see if that uncovers any historical transactions.

@davidwalton thanks for you help! Unfortunatley, nothing uncovered by searching ‘spending report’ either! Appreciate the suggesgion though.

A canal.

Which canal?

The Bridgewater Canal that goes past my office, obviously.

I feel silly that I didn’t know that.

Anyway, back on topic…

I’ve had the same problem. Was able to search for a summary period and change the start date, but it doesn’t seem to change the left to pay period?

I believe the Left-to-spend calculation (which is shown in Summary) is now done via Trends, and you can see it here → Trends/Balance/Left to spend

The veeeeerrrrrryyyyyy slooooooooowwwwww death of Summary is still causing confusion.

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