Left to Spend Date

I used to be able to set a precise date as to when I get paid to make left to spend accurate.

With this new update I can’t appear to do this without doing this ‘trends’ form which I do not want to use.

Is there an easy way to set a date? It’s currently just assuming I get paid on the last day of the month - I get paid on the last Friday of each month.

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Tap your card and then the pie chart top right

There’s only a search icon and a blank circle.

What’s the blank circle do?

Takes me to the search list the same as the search icon. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. Same issue.

So if I click the blank circle go in / out a few times the pie chart appears.

I’ve set the date to the 24th

This shows £329 left to spend.

Now if I click on the left to spend time above the card this shows £315 - which is also still stating ‘until August 31st’

This is because it’s still including a Spotify payment due after the 24th…

It doesn’t appear the left to spend tile is taking any notice of the date change via the pie chart action. Both are showing different results.

Yeah it didn’t do anything for me either. What was a great accurate feature now is just useless and doesn’t calculate properly since the update.

Trends, Target, then edit the left to spend

I think most of the posts miss the point. In the old way, for free, you could set budgets, exclude categories and get a “calculated” left to spend front and centre and all in one place.

That just doesn’t exist now. Yes you have spotlights and yes, trends and target. But in giving additional features for many, Monzo have made it harder for some.

Summary was great. And I’ve no doubt that the new trends/targets will attain this but it’s not the simplicity that summary was.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but it is what it is.

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I’ve tried using this trends and target thing but it’s more hassle than I can be bothered with.

I just want to set a date for when I get paid and for Monzo to tell me how much of my balance I have to spend… Like in the previous version.

Can someone from Monzo confirm this is seriously how it’s to work now?

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You can switch on left to spend in spotlight which does this for you, it takes out any upcoming payments (direct debits and standing orders or recurring payments), and show you what the balance looks like so you know ultimately what is left for you.

That, alongside setting Target, which shows you as below:

You can make it all work for you.


I tried this but for some reason my left to spend just says what balance I have left: not taking into account my direct debits that are due to come out. I agree with the previous comment. The old way did everything automatically and didn’t have to mess about with inputting our own stuff - I have a note book for that.

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Strange, mine works as designed and shows me what my balance would be after everything scheduled goes out.

The only thing I imagine would just show your current balance, is if it can’t see anything upcoming in the remaining month you have set.

I hate this. Monzo made things easy which is why I switched to monzo. I’m not not spending time going through multiple settings and options to get something the previous versions just ‘did’.

Appreciate change isn’t for everyone, it doesn’t take too long to, for example, activate left to spend.

On the Home Screen, swipe down, it should show you Spotlight at the top, scroll to the right, and tap Edit.

You’ll see a bunch of options you can toggle on or off to suit you.

Some options do incorporate Trends, such as Target for how much you budget yourself each month to spend IE £500.

I’ve got left to spend turned on but it’s including direct debits that are after the date I’ve set in the pie chart setting…

I also don’t want to set a target. I just want Monzo to tell me how much I’ve got ‘left to spend’ funnily enough.

For it to be accurate you’ll need to head to Trends, tap Target, then tap the below, then edit at the bottom, and choose your reset date (not too different to how you had it with the old setup)

This should resolve your left to spend woes. Basically just choose the same date as you had in the old style summary.

Yeah but trends is asking me how much I want to spend or save as a questionnaire. I don’t want to do this… Do you have to set up some spending schedule to access a target date?

Quite likely, yes. With summary did you not ever have to enter a figure?

In the old style, mine has a figure in the summary which I would have set for it to show me what’s left to spend.

Once you’ve added that figure in Trends Target, the above process to choose a date should become available for you.

You could enter your salary figure if that’s fixed each month ie your take home pay, or just a figure you anticipate you’d spend each month. With Target, I think it shows a rough estimate for you when you go to set it up the first time (could be wrong though, as it was a while ago for me).

You don’t have to refer back to or follow Trends after this, and can hide the Taret etc in Spotlight so it solely shows left to spend up there.

Before I selected a date via the pie chart which updated the progress bar under the left to spend under my account. That was it. I’ve never used trends.

I’m dyslexic and find it hard to figure finances out. I can’t figure this new way out at all which means I won’t be using it. So I’ll be losing an easy to use feature because of this overly complicated update.

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