Help with unblocking account

I found a transaction from Costa I didnt recognise. The person on chat blocked my account, now I cant pay for my train tickets, or use contactless on the tube.How am I supposed to get to work tomorrow?

Blocked your account or your card?

If your card has been compromised then someone has access and could steal all your money

Can you transfer to a friends account enough to do until you get the replacement card? Can you unfreeze your card? If yes unfreeze it while you are at a cash machine and quickly freeze it again when you’ve got cash out

If you can’t unfreeze it yourself ask inapp chat if they could do it for 5 minutes perhaps?

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If you find that you don’t recognise the payment and I think you should call them right away for a fast way to deal with this in app may have a bit of a wait time.

Some one may have compromised you account.

I’d be cautious about advising people to transfer money to a friends/another account.

This normalises the behaviour of scammers who advise the transfer of funds to other accounts.

In this case I’d recommend seeking help from Monzo in-app support rather than from well meaning people on the internet / monzo forum.

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