Help Unblock Card

Hi Can someone here help me as I have been completely ignored by coops since yesterday.

I have had some unrecognised transactions and contacted monzo, who then blocked my card and then ordered me a replacement for today via expedited delivery which never arrived. I need it asap because I am going on holiday on Saturday, I have been ignored for all of today despite sending multiple messages. Can someone please unblock my card so in the event that I don’t get a new card I will be able to access my only source of funds on Saturday!!!

Unfortunately not this is a community page.

Have you tried calling the number on the back of your card?

Several times today, goes straight to a answer machine which redirects you to their chat who have been ignoring my request today.

Literally have no idea what to do

can you transfer via your app , your funds to another account ?

Im not sure, and the rate I get charged abroad will probably be quite high. No idea if I have to phone my other bank to let them know I’ll be abroad.

But this is counter productive given that Monzo bang on about how great and quick their customer service is

well i would prefer to have some funds on another card than no funds because of the exchange rate , but its your choice ,

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Did you get a tracking number for your card delivery?

Is it worth trying to contact them via Twitter? They seem to be active there today. I know it’s not ideal and shouldn’t be necessary…but in an emergency it’s another way of getting in touch.

No, and the person on the other end did not make me aware of this

I feel like the quality of customer service has gone significantly down these days. I’ve had more occasions where they’ve taken hours to reply, but not as urger as this.

Thanks I hadn’t thought of that

Good luck!

I’m not sure if they can or even will unblock your card anyway once the numbers are compromised.

I’m not sure if there always is tracking but I’m pretty sure there is sometimes, I guess monzo can’t control the delivery but maybe they can reactivate the card only for chip and pin.

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Right, but I still need some answers from them directly and they haven’t responded. I shouldn’t be jumping through all these hoops because one of their agents can’t do their job properly

Very true,

Can you add your replacement card to Google pay yet? Does the country you’re going to support contactless?

I haven’t been given a replacement card for virtual use at all

I’ve never had a replacement yet so I’m not sure what it’s supposed to say, does it say anywhere in app besides chat about a new card ordered?

Or is your old one still there just frozen?

I expect you will get it tomorrow. Expedited delivery could just be First Class which is in theory 1 day but can take longer at times and therefore the delivery window is still open.

I would start looking at using an alternative card, however bad the rate, so that you can prepare for the worst.

To be fair, you’d get this at any bank. Tell it your card has been compromised and it will be blocked immediately. Even if you’re about to go on holiday.

And the card ordering/printing/dispatch process is automated, so there’ll be nothing Monzo can do to get a new one to you quicker.

Not sure what calling/tweeting/visiting Monzo will achieve, so I wouldn’t bother.

Use another card.

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My guess is that it probably turned up this morning. Monzo cards get to you very quickly anyway, never mind via expedited delivery.

If it doesn’t arrive today, simply transfer your money to a different account and use that. I’m sure Monzo have tried their best but if the postal system has let you down there’s sadly not much anyone can do :cry:

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