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Hello!! I feed hopeless and really need help. Is there any way to block a certain type of transaction? I really want to block the payments for PlayStation. I think my ex is still using my card for that from Italy even if he said he does not have my data on file. Please help me to stop any kind of payment for PlayStation and prevent this to happen again, let the payments to PlayStation get through. I am hopeless :frowning:

Freeze your card and order a replacement - that should do it :slight_smile:

Speak to Monzo in app and ask them to block PlayStation as well as the above

So, what can I do??

Looking at the screenshot you posted. Drag the drawer down, and under the image of your card there should be a freeze button.

Press that, so it will stop all further transactions then tap the ‘replace’ button :slight_smile:

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Where can I find this ? I cannot find any live chat on Monzo app :frowning:

In the help section type ‘contact support’ or ‘contact us’

Ordog thanks!!! But if I freeze it, does it mean I freeze the card or this type of payment only? Will I be able to use the card today if I do so? Or am I blocking it?

You need a new card. If somebody has your card details they could use them anywhere. Freeze the card and order a new one, you should have it in a few days

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If you freeze your card it stops all transactions. So when you want to use it again, tap the ‘defrost’ button and then refreeze it again once done.

You only need to do this until your new card arrives.

This is the best method as your ex clearly has your card details, so there is nothing stopping him from using them on other websites.

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How did your ex get your card details? If it was without your knowledge, you may be able to get the payments refunded.

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