Help us decorate a room in our new office!

(Kieran McHugh) #41

I’m hoping to put some in the Hot Chip meeting room :smiley:

(Nick) #42

@cookywook did ask for something ‘community-specific’…

(Richard Cook) #43

Hey all! :wave:

Loving the suggestions, so far. And keep them coming.

So far the ones I think best suit the theme are:

  • A chalk board (like this) + markers
    • I think that would be a fun thing for people to doodle and leave messages on in the room.
  • Plants
    • They might have to be fake though. Suggestions welcome!
  • A high-res version of one of @kieranmch’s blueprint pictures.

But there’s room for more. So keep your ideas coming.

(Dan) #44

Monzo ‘M’ made out of user submitted pictures (selfies maybe)?

(Tony) #45

No muriel, then? Disappointing.

(Maike Wolstenholme) #46

What about ‘The Coral Reef’?

(Jordan Taylor) #47

Very fitting for a bank!

(Richard Cook) #48

Any more for any more? :slight_smile:

(Jack) #49

(Foxy) #50

I think it needs a ball pit.


(Richard Cook) #51

Hi all :wave:

Thanks for all your suggestions for decorations for The Drawing Board!

We’ve had a little rethink about how we’d like to do this, and we there’s a great opportunity for you to get even more involved :muscle:

We want the The Drawing Board to be a space full of your ideas and input… literally. Which is why we want it to be a real Maker’s Space. So…

We want your to hear ideas for decorating the room!

There’s a few spots around the room in particular we think could do with some community love:

  • The table could do with a centrepiece. A Hot Chip model? A chocolate fountain? (Please not a chocolate fountain). We leave it up to you.

  • There’s an alcove in one of the walls. We’ve got a picture there currently, but could we fill it with something else?

  • We have a large empty wall along the back. We can’t damage the walls (so no murals unfortunately!) but we can screw things in. Or maybe we can just prop something against it? Let us know what you think.

  • We’d like to decorate our whiteboards. If you’ve got ideas for stickers we could put up, let us know!

We’ll handle the actual production and decoration of anything we think sounds great. We just want to hear your ideas for decorations/designs. So get creative! :paintbrush:

We look forward to seeing your ideas :hot_coral_heart:

(🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️) #52


(Kenneth Cajigas) #53

I’m gutted I missed out on getting a ticket for Monzo’s next event :tired_face:

Any chance there will be another round for tickets?

(Kenneth Cajigas) #54

Heads up guys second round of tickets are up :raised_hands: now I cannot wait to see the new office :smile:

(MikeF) #55

Rather than sticking them to the wall, what about commissioning a table centrepiece to be made from @HughWells’ stock of prepaid cards. Or perhaps something for the alcove?

To show what form of construction I mean, does anyone remember this stuff?


Not quite sure what shape the final thing should take, so please don’t ask me to design it!

(Ben) #56

Canvas prints of all of us!

(MikeF) #57

There is the ‘collage of forum avatars’ idea but as so many seem to have actual pictures of themselves, I wasn’t sure how they’d feel about them being reproduced possibly without permission.

Of course you could stick a forum avatar on the back of each prepaid card and still make some sort of sculpture!

(Is Santa here yet?) #58

Alcoves always need a shrine in them.

With candles.

Not sure who to, Elvis?

(Jack) #59

Maybe lots of small canvas photos showing screenshots of the old Monzo logo/early design iterations, I think I’ve seen a super old one on Instagram… link or Link . Maybe some plants too (fake) they always brighten up a room. Not sure what ones though.

I still like my original idea of a blown up version of @kieranmch blueprint Monzo logo, maybe with lots of the old prepaid cards that @HughWells has to form a boarder.

Not too sure about the table, again though maybe some of the old prepaid cards could be turned into some coasters? :thinking:
A bowl full of random stress balls could be interesting.
A few of these would be a good idea too: Hot Chip 3D Print Orders

Personally I think you should go retro with a blackboard, sticker wise I’m not too sure… Maybe fridge magnets relating to some Landmarks where your offices in Cardiff, London and Vegas are located. These stick to white boards don’t they?

(Kieran McHugh) #60

Since y’all suggested it I drew something, wanted to go with some sort of architectural theme for the drawing in this room, WDYT?

This is a drawing of 38 Finsbury Square, our new building!