Hot Chip 3D Print Orders

(Jason) #1

Thank you everyone who has shown interest in wanting a Hot Chip 3D print :smile:

There are currently two versions one that is the standard figure V1 and the other that can hold a Monzo card V2.

V2 is on the left with a cutout for a Monzo Card and V1 is on the right which is slimmer

I’ll try to get them shipped out asap but as they take around 1h30 to print and depending on how many are ordered it could take a few days to get to your order if you don’t mind waiting :slight_smile:

Both are £15 each inc p&p UK or £16.50 for Europe . If you would like one please add your username and which version to the below wiki (not alphabetical to make it fair to shipping out the orders please). I will contact you with payment details

Just finished printing this little guy
Should I keep my prepaid card?
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(Jason) #2

Please surround your username with `s.

  • @Errota - v2
  • @jamieps - v2
  • @Chalky - v2

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #3

you can do it yourself by using the three dots at the bottom of post choosing the spanner and make wiki - I think :slight_smile:

(Jason) #4

hmm cant see it there unless im being blind

(Alex Sherwood) #5

The user has to be a Regular in order to make their post a Wiki.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #6

ah apologies for the mis info Jason

(Jason) #7

NP, I’ve been a member since May '16 but mainly lurking and reading :stuck_out_tongue:

(Marta) #8

@Slayer1551 :heart_eyes_cat: Are new Chips yellow or will we be choosing new colour?

(Jason) #9

They will be the Gold Bronze color I printed the others out in. The yellow is just a 3D rendering color

(Louis bamber) #11

What happened to the original order wiki?


Love mine!


:heart_eyes: Looks amaze! I really want both (feel bad for V1 as it’s beautiful too) but have nowhere to put a second so have to just go with the more practical V2.


and draw a face on your card with a sharpie…thats why V1 still the best

(Jason Yau) #15

Thank you very much! I received mine promptly through first class post no less. :heart:

(Drew sanders) #16

Love it

(Benjamin Doherty) #17

These things are wicked. Got mine within 1 day, brilliant!!

(James Amey) #18

These are absolutely incredible, I’d love a V1!



I love these. I think they also perfectly answer the question of ‘what should I do with my old pre-paid card’.

A suggestion for a V3 (which I would love to buy) - what do you think about having the cut-out to hold the card on the back? So that if you are looking from the front you see the printer Hot Chip face, turn it round and there is the card? I love the idea of not just throwing away my pre-paid, but the Hot Chip front is so cute I don’t want to cover it!


@jshrager I’m copying in your post to have more pictures in this new thread :slight_smile:

(Andrew Ross) #21

How do I know if I have v1 or v2 Prepaid cars?