Help? I’ve used Monzo pay early feature for over 6/7 months and it’s not working also live chat doesn’t work and can do nothing on my account?

Help my Monzo account isn’t working I’m scared my money isn’t going to go into my account

What do you mean not working? Can you access the app?

I can access the app but error messages every time I try to do something? I’ve deleted app reinstalled still same! Been trying live chat for past 4 hours???

What’s the error message?

Have you tried the number on the back of the card too? Your money is protected so even if the app isn’t working your money should be safe. But not very helpful if you need to access/move money to an account where you draw cash etc.

Ive used the get pay early feature every week now for 7 month? And now it’s not working? I need to speak to someone??? When does live chat close

I think live chat is 24 hours. I didn’t read the title fully first time round just saw the “help” bit and then read your first message which implied you couldn’t access your account. You can try the phone number on the back of your monzo card.

Worst case scenario (not ideal I’m sure) but the get paid early feature is only normal a few hours before you would actually be paid. Ie you get paid Thursday 4pm when money would normally go in 3am Friday for example. So is it critical it goes in today?

When you look at the image of your card in app, does it have any words written over the top of it?

And just to summarise everything that you’ve said:

  • Pay early doesn’t work
  • Live chat doesn’t work
  • Any actions you take you receive an error (we need you to tell us the error message please)
  • You’ve tried a reinstall and it is still the same

The error message I receive is! Something went wrong! Try again or chat with us for more help

Lastly, what about the message written over the image of your card in app?

If you don’t claim the money early it will just go in automatically tonight

Have you been able to use your card today?

There is no picture over the card it’s exactly how it normally is

That’s a good sign, we’re just trying to narrow it down…

How about what @Rat_au_van said above :point_up:

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