Cannot get chat to work

Chat support not working, have deleted app and downloaded again to no avail!!

What happens when you try?

P.S there’s a number on the back of your card which you can call if it’s urgent.

It says the message is sent and that is pretty much it! Not urgent just had a query about PayPal but chat not working for a while now from my end!

So you’ve sent a message and not had a reply yet?

That’s normal. It’s not live chat.

How long has it been since you sent the message?

I have two unanswered from 1 August and this one has been over an hour

If it has definitely sent you should get a response. It isn’t Live Chat support though in the app so it sometimes can take a few hours to get a response. I’d give it until the close of the day today, if it isn’t urgent, to see if Monzo reply and if not give them a call and discuss.

Chat is all merged into one conversation, it should also display an ETA on when you will get a response.