Multiple Natwest Accounts in Monzo


I’ve just upgraded to Monzo Plus. I have multiple logins on my Natwest account. It seems I can only add one of these to Monzo. Anyone know a way around it?


You can only have the accounts that NatWest choose to share. Working around a banks computer system like this seems unlikely.

Having said that, you haven’t given enough information to really know what’s going on. Are these all current accounts that NatWest should be sharing? And e they savings accounts that NatWest simply don’t share?

I don’t understand what you mean here. Is it multiple sets of security credentials, or multiple current accounts, or multiple accounts(current, savings, credit card etc)?

Thanks for replying.

The NatWest app allows you to access multiple sets of bank accounts with different logins. However Monzo only let you only pull in accounts from one login.

I’m very confused.

Are you saying that in the NatWest app you can see multiple accounts with other banks, in addition to your own NatWest account/s, and that they are not being transferred over? In which case, that’s how it should be happening.

However, if you’re saying you have multiple accounts with NatWest and they all have different logins, that’s a very odd situation indeed as all your accounts should be accessible via the one login.

I could be on the wrong track, in which case more detail would be appreciated.

Unless you’ve specially asked for separate logins you can get in touch with them and ask them to merge your customer ids which will bring all your accounts together

It’s multiple logins for NatWest. Business and personal. They used to have a separate app for business but have since dropped it.

I need to keep it as it is for legal reasons so can’t merge them.

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I didn’t believe you could show business accounts using the open banking system, I thought it was restricted to personal accounts only. Either way, I don’t think the system supports multiple access points for the same banking institution.

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Thanks. It displays my business account but won’t connect to both personal and business logins together. I think it’s a bug with Monzo.

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NatWest supports business accounts from their APIs:

I have a business current account, a personal current account and a business savings account all visible under one login in the NatWest app so all visible in Monzo. Talk to NatWest about account combining

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