Can't login

I’m a new user. The email link takes me round in a loop to requesting another email. The app is a screen asking me to invite friends to the current account waiting list which I don’t want to do. I had to change my email address to get onto this forum. I’m using an HTC one android 5.0.2.

Hi @Ruthela

Sorry you’re having this issue :frowning:

If you’ve got the screen in the app saying you can invite friends, that suggests you’re in the queue already and signed in :+1:

Do you have two numbers, one for people ahead and one for people behind you?

Just ‘69889 people ahead’ then the invite friends tab below

Hi Ruth I presume you haven’t got a Monzo card - either prepaid or current account , at the moment the Monzo team are working to replace all the existing Monzo prepaid users to a current account card - it will then be opened up to new users which it sounds like you are :slight_smile: I think they are aiming to open up to new users in the next month or so - when you get to the top of the queue you will be invited to enter your personal details and a card will be sent to you

Bugger. I just want the prepaid card and repay people on the app. I don’t want a current account. Am I missing something here ?

just call it a pre paid current account card :slight_smile: - with the new “current account card” you can repay people on the app and top up as and when you want , keep as much or as little on the card as you choose - the exact same FX rates as prepaid card when abroad :slight_smile: - its very similar to the old prepaid card, it works in exactly the same way and its even the same colour :slight_smile: with some good added benefits for monitoring your spending / saving

  • you can obviously have as many current accounts as you want, rather than being tied to one bank

Ok. I’ll wait to be notified. Thx for letting me know.