Replacement Card and Help Chat Not Working

Hello all,
I’m in a bit of a pickle because my card was used for fraud, so I’ve frozen it an requested a new one. I haven’t heard from Monzo about a replacement card and when I try to use the options of ‘lost or stolen’ I get a red screen saying ‘authentication required’.
I’ve also tried to send messages to the chat help but they just say ‘unable to send’ which means I’m unable to contact anyone.
Could anyone advise me how I reach out to Monzo to replace my card and open my account for use?

There’s a number on the back of your Monzo card. Might be worth trying to call that?

Thank you.
I’ve logged out of the account and logged back in and now all the functions are working and managed to order a replacement card.
Maybe some advice for anyone else who’s app is not working properly. I imagine Monzo automatically froze my account until I could authentic it was me by logging back in.

idk why but I feel like this might be a part of SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) or maybe you should try to delete and re-install the app or as suggested by @Codf try to call Monzo.