Unable to add Halifax card to Apple Wallet

Hi Guys,

I’m currently with Halifax but I am not able to add my card to Apple Pay. I contacted Halifax support who said it may be blocked on the visa side but they can’t do anything about it?! They also told me to contact apple but that did not help. I was wondering if anyone here has had something familiar.

Did you try both via app and from Wallet directly? At what step does it fall?

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Go back and get them to resolve your issue.


Yes I have and it fails right after the T&Cs, I think I just have to contact until I find the correct advisor to help me.

I had a similar problem but the issue was I had the card frozen. Once I changed that it connected straight away.

Seen this a lot at my place.

Have you ever added a card that isn’t in your name to Apple Pay? I’ve never worked out the reason, other than having conversations where people have at least once added someone else’s card which Apple really doesn’t like and seems to have cracked down on.

It’s a restriction Apple seems to put in place.

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Yes I have added a card that wasn’t in my name before, does that mean I wont be able to access Apple Pay :fearful:

I think it’s a visa thing as I’ve seen people be able to add a Mastercard no problem.

Someone has reported this happening at Starling too, on this forum.

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I’ve previously had my bosses business credit card on my Apple Pay but never had a problem adding a card

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It’s only this last two months I’ve seen it happen, never before that.

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Call Halifax ask them to put you through to the Wallet team ask them to deregister your device from the system, as well as resetting attempts and it should work.

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Have them check the Visa Portal too, they can de-register it there

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Hello everyone thank you so much for your suggestions. I contacted Halifax again and they still seemed clueless on the reason and said that they cannot help me. I guess it’s time to switch banks :man_shrugging:

I would try another Visa first to make sure it’s not a network level block, as @Carlo1460 says.

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Just added a Wise and a Nationwide just fine, such a strange issue

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Last ditch attempt is to ask them to remove all Apple Pay tokens from your account and try fresh.

Either that or it’s stuck in a suspended status.

Would you like direct number to wallet pay team?

Because someone should trust a random number from an internet forum?

(A nice offer if indeed genuine but people need to be cautious)

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I get it, was irresponsible of me to offer although being genuine number, it’s foolish of me to promote accepting number over the internet.