Payment processing

(Tom ) #1

I’ve checked status but all seems to be operational.

Last two contactless payments today haven’t hit my feed. Both handheld PDQs in pubs. The previous one to that last week in same situation (pub/contactless) hit feed two days later as a ‘Delayed Transaction’.

Almost a year with Monzo and apart from the first few teething issues, this is the first time I’ve had delays.

(Josh Bray) #2

I’d contact in app support or drop an email to

(Tristan Thomas) #3

Hey Tom! Have you got an Alpha card? We’re seeing delayed payments when using contactless with the Alpha cards :frowning: I have it too and it’s a pain! We’re talking to our payment processor about it but if it’s super annoying, I’d recommend ordering a replacement card (but it’ll be a beta I’m afraid)

(Tom ) #4

Hey Tristan!

Thanks for the info. It is indeed an Alpha card so that explains it entirely. I can just avoid contactless for a bit, if you reckon there is a fix in sight?

If I can avoid a card change, that would be great as I use it for pretty much everything so I’d have to update a lot of stored detailed. Otherwise, if this is potentially more long term, I’ll get a card swap done.


(Tristan Thomas) #5

Yeah, I don’t want to swap mine either :stuck_out_tongue: I’m following up now to see if we can guesstimate when/if there’s a fix in sight on this.