Have you gone #FullMonzo?

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Sorry, I misunderstood

There are a lot of people on the forum who don’t like it but the forum is only a small percentage of the users. It’s already evolved for smaller amounts (possibly due to feedback). Needs people to use it to sort out the things that need changing

(Mark) #122

That’s my point. Individuals will argue all day about it. Vote on it. Let the community decide and go with the majority.

(Mark) #123

My bad. I should have said implement not act.


they forgot that when voting on ATM charges!

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Didn’t they email everyone?


But the thing is, that I think summary is part of their strategic vision for their product. Those aren’t the sort of things you can democratise. It’s their product, and they must make those strategic decisions.

(Jack) #127

I think so yes

(Mark) #128

Fair point.

What sort of things can you democratise? What sort of non strategic decisions can I have input on?

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You can input on any feature by just giving your view on the forum. Doesn’t mean they will change direction but the big list shows that things like joint accounts were reprioritised because of feedback from various places.
The making monzo twitter is good as it shows the features from the early stages and there’s a chance to tell them there what you think

(Mark) #130

Yeah I’m all over twitter too. Im a visionary and I’ve just joined. My time is precious so I’m just trying to work out if I’m wasting it or not.

Appreciate all the help and input.

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I only found out about it after the event (I didn’t know that there was a forum until I received an email informing me that the forum had voted).

(Harvey Long) #132

I went #FullMonzo about 3 days ago, all Direct Debits come out of my Monzo account. I get my salary paid into my Monzo and any other subscriptions go into my Monzo.

I left my natwest account open only so im able to deposit cash into a bank and transfer it into my Monzo account, thats the only reason it gets used.

(Steve Light) #133

I’m moving my salary to FullMonzo this month. However, my wife and I have a joint account with Lloyds, so it would be good when we get the Monzo joint account to manage our joint finances. Even if she keeps her individual account with Santander.

(Greg Stevenson) #134

First salary due this month. Can’t wait to actually get a full month of spending analysis. :nerd_face:

(Ben) #136

Hmm, so Full Monzo. Haven’t really considered it until now. Let me compare a few things to my actual main bank.

  • ATM Fees Abroad: Current Bank - 2% Cash Fee + 2.75% Foreign Fee; Monzo - 3% over £200. Point Monzo.
  • Transactions Abroad: Current Bank - 2.75% Foreign Fee; Monzo - 0% Fee. Point Monzo
  • Direct Debits: Both have them, Monzo may track them better. Need to see it in action to say if it’s better? Draw
  • Payments: Current Bank - super fiddly to do; Monzo - seems easy, but haven’t used it yet. Provisional Point Monzo
  • Apple Pay: Both have it, and it seems to work. Draw
  • Mobile App: Clear point Monzo
  • Budgeting: I use YNAB rather than the categorisation in Monzo, so Point to the guy who developed the YNAB import tool
  • Interest: Current Bank - Pretty gosh darn low. Somehow seems worse than nothing. Monzo: Actually Nothing. Point Current Bank
  • Support: Current Bank - super fast phone support, never a problem; Monzo - Super Fast app support, never a problem. Draw.
  • Physical Branches for cash and cheques: Point Current Bank (I’ve not had a cheque in years, so just cash for now).
  • Coral Card offering: Point Monzo
  • Satisfying Sort Code: Point Monzo.

Ok, so the silly stuff aside, Monzo is coming out on top. Anything Monzo-wise that would sway it?

In fact, I’ve just discovered I can add a poll to a post. So Monzo community - should I go #FullMonzo?

  • Yes, go #FullMonzo.
  • No, stay with #CurrentBank
  • I don’t #ReallyCare either way

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(Ben) #138

Whoops, I pressed reply too soon :wink:


I’m definitely going #fullmonzo soon. It sealed it for me yesterday, when I had to call a legacy bank about closing an account, and was left on hold for nearly 25 minutes just listening to hold music, just to be told what I wanted to do could be done online, and I’d already gone through to one customer advisor first who said they were putting through to a team who would ‘deal with it’.

I also have an additional account with RBS which was for certain bills and direct debits, which to be honest, I haven’t used since signing up to Monzo in April, but with their slate of branch closures and moving towards online and app based, that is surplus to requirements as well. The direct debits I already changed to go out from Monzo anyway.

(James Mold) #140

I took the plunge to go #FullMonzo at the beginning of the month. I used CASS and asked HR to move my salary over to close my legacy Lloyds Bank account.

Lloyds made a mess of two direct debits that they failed to pay, but thankfully Lloyds Home Insurance and Severn Trent water were very helpful in getting everything back on track.

No issues so far with Monzo as my only bank account. Monzo does provide me with AndroidPay and contactless which Lloyds refused to give me full stop. It also annoyed me how Lloyds charged crazy amounts for failed direct debits and their customer service is generally crap. Monzo on the other hand are so genuine and helpful.

For me things are getting better all the time, and even direct debits carry more useful information. I love seeing the improvements happen all the time. No other UK bank is likely to admit to their shortcomings quite so openly.

Kudos Monzo. It’s not perfect for sure, but based on my experience with other banks in the past it’s only going to get better and better.

(Simmy) #141

Will be going #fullmonzo on Monday
Only thing I wont be doing is my NowTV subscription ( gonna have that paid out of my barclays as i don’t trust any website with my card details other than Paypal )

(Andre Borie) #142

i don’t trust any website with my card details other than Paypal

Why not? Your bank is liable for any fraud.