Have you gone #FullMonzo?


I don’t even bother contacting banks when I want to close accounts these days. I just choose CASS and let them get on with it with zero interaction from me…

Legacy banks, and Starling don’t seem to care once you say you’re leaving…

(Simmy) #144

I don’t like the risk , plus I need to use my Barclays occasionally or account could close


After being a victim of the current Ticketmaster breach I’ve decided to use a dedicated card and bank account solely for online purchases only.

This is the first time I’ve been a victim of fraud via this manner and I really can’t be bothered with the hassle again.

I’d much rather transfer specific amounts for online purchases rather than ever have to deal with reclaiming money and replacing cards, etc

(Simmy) #146

Exactly that’s my logic too

(Andy) #147

This is why I’d like to see :monzo: introduce virtual cards/single use pan numbers for online transactions and also websites ustilise Apple pay more to take advtange of tokenised payments

(Simmy) #148

Had to wait a month until my money came in and during this time i experimented with small amounts of money to make sure everything ran smoothly.

Money came in today on time with no problem, now im a happy full time Monzo user

(Johan) #149

I started the CASS setup about 5min ago! After having my monzo card for a couple of months!
#FullMonzo incoming (thanks to Joint Accounts and that I am able to partake in testing)!

(Liam Corbett) #150

I’ve just initiated Full Monzo, should be done by the 17th, can’t wait to be removed from the restrictions of lloyds

(Dawid) #151

I want to do the same but haven’t yet. I’ll keep it open in case I need different card (visa) but at the moment I still keep my savings there. I guess at the moment the only option would be to put it into a pot in Monzo but waiting to see if they’ll offer even a bit of interest and then it’s bye bye Lloyds for me too : )

(Liam Corbett) #152

I decided to risk it as I technically still have some lloyds savings accounts so my lloyds accounts won’t be fully closed and only my current account. At least that’s my understanding

(Grant MacGregor) #153

Once Monzo provides savings interest, then I will switch.


I will go full monzo eventually but I done a few too many switches recently that I don’t want to be on the receiving end of a DWP investigation!!

I think i’ll wait until the new year to go full monzo… new year, new start and all that…

(Ben) #155

I went Full Monzo last week! (after a post a few comments ago comparing both banks).

So far, no issues.

In fact, one major improvement is that I’m now using Monzo and YNAB together, and my budgeting has improved somewhat; but that’s more a result of the API release and a renewed energy.

(Joe Pendlebury) #156

My Current Account switch is now complete… well, almost. The process completed today, but for some reason, there’s still a sum of money in my “old” Current Account. I’m assuming that remains there, due to pending payments in my “old” account; however, I’m not sure. That’s the only unclear bit that remains at the moment. Going to wait a couple of days in the hope that A) my hypothesis was correct, or B), it eventually gets automatically transferred across to my Monzo Current Account.

In short, I have now effectively done the equivalent of “cord-cutting”, but in banking terms, and boy does it feel good! Well, for now at least. Can’t do much about my mortgage, mind you, but to be fair, the only time I set foot in a bank in the last five years was indeed to talk about remortgaging options.

The switchover process has so far been painless. No need to communicate with another human, which sounds heartless, but when it comes to the frustrations of dealing with “traditional” banks’ Customer Service Teams and their horrendously long and painful IVR systems, is actually a good thing!

The only gripe I have so far is that the Android smartphone app is still suggesting I switch over to Monzo to make it my “main” account. I have - did you not get the memo? The same goes for the “Add Your Bills” call-to-action in the ‘Committed Spending’ spotlight box, on the ‘Summary’ tab of the app, which is now irrelevant, as all my Direct Debits and Standing Orders have migrated across to my Monzo Current Account. A lack of personalisation, which over time, will begin to get on my nerves if it persists.

Overall though, pretty flawless. In the words of Len Goodman, “Eight!”

(Andy) #157

This time next week I will be #fullmonzo that’s if the joint account switch works and doesn’t break the entire system :rofl: thank goodness for the CASS guarantee!

(Tom ) #158

Unfortunately it doesn’t yet. CASS is not yet available for the joint accounts.

(Andy) #159

It seems to work. My joint switch is currently in progress to complete next Monday

(Tom ) #160

On the Joint Account? They’ve specifically said it doesn’t work.

(Kyle Risi) #161

20 years a lloyds customer. The stagnant banking industry I grew up in has made me unenthusiastic about my finances, until I discovered Monzo. Now it’s fresh, new and exciting. I tested out Starling and Atom, but ultimately what sold it to me was the transparency, the public road map, community and overall mission. For early adopters Monzo is an investment into something exciting new and innovative, made even more interesting by the fact that the products direction is driven completely by it’s community of users.

I Made the switch after a week. The switch service was more straight forward than I thought it was gonna be. All I did was tell HR to switch my details. All bills were taken care of through the switch process.

I finally swiched after 20 years.

(Andy) #162

Guess we will find out next Monday! :laughing: