Have you gone #FullMonzo?

(Stephen) #101

Very eager to go #FullMonzo but there are a few things holding me back:

  1. Although sporadic, there is the odd occasion where I need to pay in cash or even pay for items using a cheque. Paying in cash i believe is coming soon, but im not so sure about cheques.
  2. Because I get my wages paid into my legacy account I’m rewarded by being given a savings account that offers 5% interest. Moving to Monzo would stop that. I realise saving pots are on the horizon with Monzo but id like to see the rate of interest increase depending on the amount of money that is paid in.

(Mark) #102

Yes I’ve gone #fullmonzo recently switching from Starling using partial switch. No issues on the actual switch thus far apart from scheduled payments looking hideous and there being several duplicates. I’m told this sorts itself out when the payments actually go out so hopefully that’s the case. Only found out after the switch that partial switch isn’t covered by the direct debit guarantee so this is something that should be clearly highlighted.

As a new user coming from Starling I have a few issues with Monzo as a service overall and their app but I’m willing to give them a chance to rectify the issues as I see the huge potential here. To be fair they have acknowledged they have missed the basics themselves in their latest blogs. I’m excited by the potential of the 2.0 release (although currently there is little or no difference to previous version which I find disappointing) and the road map is encouraging however the jury is still out… time will tell.

Really hoping Monzo come through on this - at the moment it’s all POTENTIAL - the ball is in their court. The bank of the future is not that far away.

Let’s do it guys. I think everyone on here wants it to work, we are behind you and are willing to help. But ultimately the forum is somewhat of an echo chamber.

Time will tell, competition is fierce and patience is limited.

It’s over to you.


that is only because any difference of opinion or any alternative ideas get stamped on by over enthusiastic fanboys, the actual Monzo staff are more open minded and receptive to suggestions and do listen to feedback from the community. in fact the level of interaction by Monzo staff is second to none compared with four similar communities I know.

(Mark) #104

Yeah that’s a fair point.

I suppose its just frustrating to see so many great and cool ideas on here but very few of them actually becoming reality.

To be fair i haven’t been here long so maybe I’m wrong or will be proved wrong. This however is my initial observation.


Stick with it, and you’ll find the more you contribute to the community the more you get out of it.

Also, if you have any ideas for features where you can show what you mean with a image then you can always upload a mock up of how your ideas could look.


Just a few further thoughts:

If you go through my post history you may notice that I’m actually quite critical of Monzo in many aspects. I cannot really see myself ever using Monzo because I want cashback from my bank, and like the flexibility (and cashback) my credit card offers me.

There was a time when I was really frustrated by the reaction to much of the very valid feedback here. It often seemed to be like “yeah, cool idea. Maybe one day…”

But their recent few Blog posts show, that they seem to have taken a lot of it on board. Even joint accounts, where the ceo had only recently said that they didn’t really want to do them at all,are now in reach.

I think this may be positive: they are not adopting every suggestion, and every piece of feedback immediately. And you wouldn’t want that: that would be a directionless company that never reaches anything. One of the hardest things is often to say no to suggestions. Not because they are bad, but because they don’t fit into your current business perspective.

On the other hand, they do take feedback into account, and their u turn on joint accounts is a striking example of that.

So, as @anon44204028 said, stick around. Ignore the fanboys who can’t see anything ever wrong with Monzo (you’ll find those on every product forum). And altogether its quite enjoyable :slight_smile:

(Steve Light) #107

Monzo will learn so much from people like you being critical than the ‘fanboys’ not seeing its flaws.

(Mark) #108


(Mark) #109

Will do buddy. Cheers

(Mark) #110

Have they ever done like a quick fire survey, vote or post on here to decide a particular feature or decision?

Eg Question - do you want a or b?
Eg Question - what feature you want?

Woud that not work? Would that not be a quick fix to enable the ideas of most users to become reality? Perhaps even on some of the smaller features like aesthetics/layout/option to disable button etc

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #111

They have. Foreign ATM fees. I think controversy ensued.


Yep, they have. Foreign atm withdrawals. And the resulting disaster might be why they won’t do it again :smiley:

(Eve) #113

There are a couple of polls floating about, I remember a one awhile back on forums was about Pot features you’d like to see. eg paying straight from a pot, its own sort code etc.

Also, if you go into the Monzo app and tap the Help tab and scroll down, there is an option to look at Sneak Peeks or feature ideas, which you can then vote for by tapping the :heart:

Also like the others mentioned the voting for ATM fees was… tbh I think it should have been a decision left up to the staff. A democracy only works if everyone is educated about every aspect and result of each choice, and we obviously don’t know all the workings of banks or all their plans down the line.

(Craig A Rodway) #114

But only in the iOS app :roll_eyes:

(Mark) #115

Fair enough. I get that it could be tricky, particularly on contentious issues like fees.

I’ve been following the feedback on Summary - I’m thinking would it not be simple just to do a vote to reintroduce the disable option yes or no. Boom vote done and it’s implemented in a week. Is that to naive? Surely if loads of people want the disable option reintroduced then it’s a good way to gauge opinion. Doubt those who don’t want it would be too enraged if it was introduced as its a minor thing that wouldn’t even affect them.

(Is Santa here yet?) #116

The summary is very much in early stages and will be improved. At the moment it’s only use is me proving it wrong by refusing to spend the last pound so I can taunt it that I haven’t ran out of money. Petty but it amuses me :grin:

I think the summary is part of the bigger vision, like the pulse graph, so they won’t be getting rid of it. Might be wrong but that’s my reading of the situation. They always ship a basic version and build on it so I’m looking forward to it working properly for me eventually.

(Mark) #117

Yeah there’s a lot of people who don’t like it and want the option to disable it - the disable option was available in labs.

That’s my point - do a vote to gauge feeling and act or don’t on the result.

(Is Santa here yet?) #118

Why do a vote if you aren’t going to act on it? Surely that’s the worst possible option?

(Mark) #119

As in - if the majority voted NOT to reintroduce the disable button then they wouldn’t, things would stay as they are now. They would only act if people voted yes to reintroduce it.


Do we want to end up with an app that has a million switches for everything though? Noone would ever be able to use that…