Keep needing to confirm account for FPS

i pay off my cc every day with an fps payment from monzo.

unfortunately now, in addition to the anti scam warning wasting my time, i also have to confirm whether it’s a business or personal account.

i’ve made dozens of transfers to this account over months and months. why do i need to be patronised like this? how can i make it so i never get warned about fraud regarding this account and what is the possible reasoning for now having to confirm if it’s personal or business every single time?

This is a bug and has been confirmed and talked about in multiple other threads :slight_smile:

Should be fixed soon.


is there anything we can do about the ott fraud warnings too?

I’m not sure, i know they’re only supposed to be there for the first payment to a new payee but that’s about all i know :slight_smile:

there’s two funnels. one is a single screen confirmation. the other is multiple choices for new payees. both are patronising and an irritating waste of time.

They’re also new legal requirements so they’re not going away in the short term. Hopefully the approach will be finessed over time though.

Whilst I agree to an extent, they’re required by law and all other banks will follow suit, Monzo may be abe to tone it down a but they won’t disappear. The business or personal account is part of something called Confirmation of Payee where Monzo check you’re actually sending money to who you’re supposed to be sending it too

my bad, i thought the anti-scam regs were for transactions over certain amounts not all.

bug still there!

It’s not quite that simple to fix it so quickly, especially for something so minor.

really. why do you say that?

if you read about the structure of the backend it should be very simple!

Because you need to update the app and the process that goes along with that. Testing, implementation, App Stores etc etc.

you mean the testing they clearly didn’t do when they introduced the bug in the first place?

Whatever the reason you’re not going to see it fixed and live in less than 2 days :rofl:

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i thought it’s been about a week now?

And it will probably be a few more.

As I said, this isn’t an overnight fix.

Just to note a few things:

  • Confirmation of Payee is the mechanism that checks the name you enter for the payee, against the actual name on the account.
  • There are also warning screens asking you why you are sending money, or asking you to confirm that you do really want to send money - this is to prevent impersonation fraud.

The warnings are designed to be scary. They are designed to make you stop and think.

There isn’t a “legal” requirement here persay. This relates to the Contingent Reimbursement Model (which Monzo follows in spirit, but is not a signatory of) and requires the bank to show they have done various things to educate customers about scams, show effective warnings during the payment process and ultimately refund customers where they have taken reasonable care.

Scams and phishing (known as Authorised Push Payment fraud) are an industry issue and there is signifiant pressure from consumer groups for the industry to do more to protect customers against it. If you look at the UK Finance figures, you’ll see a huge (almost 50%) rise in volumes of APP fraud.


and this bug is completely unrelated to both.

in most dev groups i’ve been involved in we roll back if we cock up.

It’s not :slight_smile: It was introduced as a result of changes to support CoP. I thought I’d clear up a bit of the confusion between the warnings and CoP, as you mentioned both above :+1:


It’s not exactly that easy to fix it so rapidly, particularly for something so minor.