Have option to contact CS when you cannot get an answer from self serve


A few times of late I’ve needed to contact CS, and while the help articles are useful none of them would’ve prevented the chat I needed. In the end I had to click around several help articles and hope to find a random one where it allowed a chat.

There should be an option to directly reach out to chat when you need to

There should. And there is for some.

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Is there anything specific you’ve not been able to find?

At the bottom of the help section I believe there’s a Chat with us button.

The issues I had was around card replacements, but the help articles didn’t link to chat.

And there was, at some point, that option but I’ve not had it in chat for some time. The only way to actually speak to someone is to hopefully find an article with the link in :slight_smile:

Was it a really niche query?

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Help isn’t there for me on the bottom of help guides.

People don’t search or try and self serve, so they hide it for most.

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The articles are useful, but a lot of them are circular and direct you to another help article.

For example, in my case I clicked on “replace Monzo plus card” and it linked me to the option to sign up for Monzo plus, which I have (since when you downgrade you have to re-sign up). And when you click “No” to did it help all you get is “thanks for the feedback”

What would be good is if this “continue chat” option was always there so that you can do so if you need.


I will say once again that the Help articles are amazing, but sometimes you need a human to speak to.

(The CS team are normally pretty ace too!)

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Tapping ‘ordering a replacement card’, which is your query, will guide you where you need to be, whether it’s Plus, Premium or hot coral.

I guess your point is to be more specific to product instead of generalised about card ordering.

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You’re speaking as someone who sets out to seek the answer for themselves, whereas when this was brought up before I believe we were told that people go for the “easiest” option and just start firing loads of basic questions and overwhelming support.

It still hasn’t been determined (and Monzo wont say why) some people like me have chat buttons everywhere and others have varying ones scattered around or hardly any at all.

Yes and I do understand the want/need to direct folks to self service (hot chip bot anyone :eyes: ) so I’m not against the button being at the bottom or even appearing if you click “no” to did it help you answer the question


Yeah I think that’s the conclusion we came to last time along with making it the same for everyone.

It’s a balance they need of making sure people seek basic stuff out themselves and have a direct line should the have something important they want to discuss.


You only have to look at the threads that are started on here to have an idea of the sort of thing they must get every single day.


Completely personal opinion but it’s common for humans to refuse helping themselves if they can have someone do it for them.

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I really can’t believe they’ve persisted with this money saving strategy to try and hide support from people.

Every other bank seems to manage okay letting people contact their support when needed.


I don’t think it’s wholly about cost.

Self servicing can get things done so much quicker than being added to a queue, then the COp being sure they’ve understood what’s asked (believe me, it’s not always transparent) and then follows the appropriate guidance if necessary, responding, and then moving on.

That customer will, in most cases, message back which again adds more unnecessary time, when they could have followed the help sections to find the answers to what they wanted.

Self service should, in my opinion, be at the forefront.

Replacement cards can be handled in the help section as noted above.

I’ve not had to use the help function much but whenever I have had to browse I’ve found what I’ve needed.

Simplifying or re wording your query can reach what you’re looking for in most instances.

Some of the queries I’ve dealt with come with a shake my head moment :sweat_smile:

That’s the sort of feeling this gives me honestly, Monzo assumes I’ll waste their time or be an inconvenience to them if I speak to them so it has to ‘guide’ me to self-help first, so I don’t end up annoying them.

I guess as a customer I just can’t be trusted to know when I need to speak to someone :person_shrugging:


I mention this everytime this comes up, but Sky do this so well.

This is my problem
Do you need this, that or the other?
None of those
Try this?
Talk to us

But Monzo does

Try this
Does this help?
Okay :upside_down_face:


This made me laugh out loud…

Reminded me of this:


Actual LOL.

If we can’t solve it we get our experts or engineers to help us :sunglasses: