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Just a bit of feedback about CS.

I had a simple request to remove a linked credit card from my account profile as I couldn’t see a way to do it. I understand this is super new, but why am I on my fifth person trying to help? One not even bothering to read the original request and go off on a tangent about trying to cancel direct debits. They are all trying to be helpful but having different people pick it up doesn’t work for issues like this. A different process should be put in place.

If I was in a normal bank talking to some one and I chatted to 5 different people I’d be livid, or I rang them I wouldn’t expect 5 different people to talk to me. Maybe 1/2 to redirect my call to the right person.

As an investor and I’m all for Monzo, but if you’re trying to be better than normal banks it all starts with the front facing customer service team when there are issues. I couldn’t imagine the frustration this would cause if this was a “serious” issue and it was time sensitive.

I also understand that chat is open 24/7 and people swap shifts etc but more thought needs to go into issue resolution and continuity on issues for customers so we’re not re explaining things all the time to new people. Or simply make sure training is given to re-read the original enquiries notes.


Because this feature is technically in Beta, I can’t imagine it’s supported by COps yet.

Might be worth DMing @Jami or @mycl :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: Apologies, looks like it’s rolling out to a small percentage. But you can read a little more, here:

EDIT 2: And looks like the removal flow will be added next week!

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I touched on the general principle here

And here is a comprehensive reply from @simonb

Monzo Plus - what would you like to see? - #1160 by simonb

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Thanks for the replies. I completely understand that labs stuff is constantly shifting, but it doesn’t excuse having 5 different people deal with an issue and one not even read the original question. This is the feedback not that labs stuff.

People employed in a company should know what is in labs and not. As an end user I know and so should they. If they spot a labs issue it should be tagged as so and then passed onto someone relevant not passed around 5 people. It’s the passing around that’s frustrating not the length of time to resolve the issue.


I’ve had this before and it’s really annoying. A COp should have to write some sort of summary of the issue before referring you to a specialist or another COp.


Yeah it’s like there’s some KPIs making them bang out a copy paste within 3 seconds, so they don’t get a chance to read the query.

@tjvr mentioned in another thread there is a new ‘New Features‘ team. Assume they will look after lab features too

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