Have I signed up for a CA or not?

(Peter Watson) #1

I received my invite to convert from a pre-paid card to the full CA so I went through the ID process. When I got to the last stage (Confirmation of UK tax status) I just got ‘There’s been an error, try again later’ when I confirmed that I’m only a UK resident.

I then hit back on the (Android) app and was taken to the send me a card screen?

Have I successfully signed up or not?


I think this is a question for in app chat or help@monzo.com to confirm for sure, rather than for forum users - who can give helpful info but can’t confirm.

(Peter Watson) #3

Confirmed - There was a ‘technical glitch’ so I haven’t signed up after all and there’s no way within the app to re-apply. CS are sorting it :slight_smile: