Hats off to Monzo Customer Support

I’ve noticed a few posts criticising the long delays for support these days. I haven’t experienced this myself, with all messages being responded to within 10 minutes or so.

Today I had my first really stellar experience with Monzo, and had a direct comparison with the legacy banks. I just thought I’d share my experience.

I’m buying a new car and getting a special Scottish government funded interest-free EV loan. A great perk, but unlike most car finance, this payment is paid directly into your bank account for to to subsequently pay for the vehicle.

It means that I would have £35,000 coming into my bank, then a few days later have to make a payment of almost £50,000 - above the Monzo limit.

I was assured this would not be a problem, and they were completely right. I started a chat today asking to raise my limit and got a reply in about 10 minutes asking for some confirmation. A few minutes later I was able to make my payment. Outstanding service!

I can compare this directly because a number of other folks are also buying this car and going through the same process. Most of them have had to split the payment into multiple chunks, paying over multiple days. Some have had to go into the branch. I, rather smugly, was able to do the whole thing from my home office.

Hats off to Monzo - excellent customer service and (as we all know) miles ahead of the legacy competition. I also love how friendly and personal all of the CS folks are - it’s like chatting to a friend rather than a stuffy old bank!


I can only agree, I have used customer support a few times myself and have always had a good experience.

Buying a new EV I see, care to share what you’re going for?

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Sure! Tesla Model 3 in sexy sexy red. It’s the dream car for us, so hubby and I are super excited.

(If you’re interested in more specifics, we’re getting the Model 3 Performance without the Performance pack, so Aero wheels, no lowered suspension or spoiler, and no higher top speed / track mode)


Incredible! love the Model 3 (and Tesla) and think that might be the car for me in a few years when it’s time to upgrade.

Did you splurge for autopilot?

Autopilot now comes as standard on all Tesla vehicles, but they’ve moved some newer, more advanced features (as well as some older, less advanced features like Autopark) into the Full Self Driving option.

I think we might get this afterwords (it’s a software unlock) but Elon keeps saying the price will continue to rise so it might be tough. Also current regulations in the UK means some of the FSD features aren’t as good in the UK as they are in the US so the value is further diminished. :slightly_frowning_face:

Didn’t realise they made it standard kinda makes sense considering the price of the car.

:crossed_fingers:t2:FSD doesn’t become so expensive its unachievable for you, enjoy your car when it comes. I’m only a little jealous. :joy:

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Must admit I didn’t know this was a thing!
Might need to look into this a bit further!!

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It’s truly a fantastic perk.

Up to £35,000 interest free over 6 years. Scotland only.

Additionally you get an additional £300 grant towards an EV Charger installation (in addition to the £500 OLEV grant).

It’s a great time to buy an EV, and with the Tesla Model 3 starting at just over the £35k it’s a no-brainer IMO.

PM me if you have any questions! Happy to share whatever I know. :+1:t4:

That is a great perk!

But I don’t think ‘bank allows me to spend my own money when and how I want’ is something amazing, it should be the norm. Sadly it is not, so kudos to Monzo for making it easy.

You’re right, of course. Most banks set some sort of limit on large transfers (including Monzo, to be fair). The difference is that it’s significantly easier with Monzo to lift the limit.

Other banks… not so much. And generally I thought it was worth commenting on the great support. I’ll be the first to complain about stuff I don’t like but I always like to give credit where it’s due too.

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Another real life comparison,one I hope none of you need to experience but nevertheless kudos to Monzo for their great service. My husband died in March. He had a Monzo account (as do I) and a NatWest account (as DID I ). It was relatively straightforward as bereavements go with a current will naming me as his executor and sole beneficiary. Monzo closed his account and got the money into mine in 4 or 5 days. NatWest took 12 weeks and then only after I physically drove to the branch and called multiple times! Way to go Monzo!


Hi Jaki, very sorry to hear of your loss.

However, I’m glad that we were able to provide a smooth process for you. Thank you for sharing.


I’m so sorry for your loss. I worked in a building society a few years ago and even with our dates systems at the time there’s no way the process should have taken that long.

It’s good to hear Monzo are there for serious situations as well as my entirely trivial one! :purple_heart:

Ohhh this sounds great. Hope it’s available once we stop renting!

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