A tip of the hat to Monzo Customer Service

A big thankyou to Monzo Customer Service who have just sorted what was for them probably quite a minor but for me potentially troublesome issue.

This was my first need to query any transaction with them.

It was done swiftly, efficiently and in a calm, pleasant and - really important - unpatronising way.

The CS Lady I was in communication with was responding to my input, not just following a script.

As a customer/client/whatever, I felt reassured that I was being looked after.

So, yes, consider me very impressed.



That’s great to hear David!

People often don’t take the time to share good experiences, so I’m sure the team will really appreciate it.


Consider writing a trustpilot review and mentioning the name of the person who helped you. Trust me as someone who works in customer service it makes our day when this happens!


This is refreshing feedback! Thanks for sharing.

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Trustpilot review just done.


you actually got through to someone? that’s quite impressive.

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