Yet another Customer Service Thread

Here we go again, another customer service thread - But I didn’t want this to blend in with the umpteen other threads out there (how selfish of me :joy:)

I’m expecting a large (5 figure) payment into my Monzo account tomorrow (it’s a mortgage transfer, nothing exciting I’m afraid). But it sadly is a little out of the ordinary for my account!

Monzo is my main account, and whilst I have others, nearly all of my DD’s and day to day banking is through Monzo.

I’m not one to buy into the scare mongering that I see online, but I was conscious that Monzo’s history of handling large transfers and any potential flags haven’t been great (it would appear), so I wanted to get out in front of it to make sure it was OK.

For the first time ever, I actually used the phone support - All my previous interactions with Monzo had been chat based, and nearly all of them had been responded to in a decent timeframe (a couple of exceptions in there).

My expectation of the phone chat could not have been lower. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen someone say they managed to speak to anyone, and nearly all the people who are having issues all seem to say they can’t ever get through.

The reality for me? After some… funky… hold music, I was through to someone in just over 2 minutes, I explained the situation, they added a note to my account and everything was done and dusted in less than 5 minutes.

Clearly the chat response times need to be improved - But considering my low expectations of the phone chat based on what I’d read… I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome :clap:


So the moral of the story is that I should phone in future rather than use the in-app chat. :laughing:


This is clearly FAKE NEWS because we know that everyone has to wait twelve weeks for an answer to a simple question and they only have one half-blind Latvian sloth with a speech impediment on support.

How very dare you, sir!!


How much are you getting paid for this review?


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This is actually really helpful, thank you! I’d been wondering about this sort of scenario as I’m also #FullMonzo. Good to know it’s possible to discuss in advance to prevent any issues.


Not wishing to detract from the point of this topic (that phone support was actually quick and useful), but can anyone from the Monzo CS team confirm how the app based chat works now?

When I sent a message a few weeks ago, I had the option to mark it as urgent (this is despite it being in the same thread as all the previous messages).

It was answered in about 10 mins, and everything was fine.

I sent a new message yesterday, and didn’t have that option to mark it as urgent…

24 hours… no reply.

I then sent a new message this morning (to increase transfer limit for the day, which was unrelated to my message yesterday).

Again, I had no way of marking it as urgent, but this time it was answered within 2 mins…

Despite the lucky fortune of someone answering this time, it feels incredibly broken that messages are going unread and ignored.

Is this a known issue for Monzo at the moment? The chat hasn’t ever been as good since they moved from the old system to the new.

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As I understand it, CS have to mark an issue as “closed” in order to select “Urgent” again, and from what I can tell they never do it.

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That makes sense.

Although it’s weird that my message yesterday didn’t get a response, but the one today (both non urgent, as I didn’t have the option), was picked up in less than 5 mins!

Yeah I believe that is true too.

Also, if there is no response from either party after 3 days it gets auto closed (or so I was told).