Has anyone been logged out of Monzo?

(Brandon Billingham) #22

Day after reinstall and it’s doing doing it again

(Barry Andrew) #23

Tried again and this time no email. Raised issue with Monzo help. They asked me to check my spam and there was the email. Tried it and app started working. Not sure why I had to log in in the first place as I have been using the app for months with no problem. Assume that this is all due to app update.

(Jonathan) #24

I’ve just deleted and reinstalled the app without any issue to be honest

I’ve got the latest iOS on my phone, have you tried to do that and also try a force restart?

(Barry Andrew) #25

I was going to download the app again but jotted an email to monzo help. Everything is fine now. I am on ios 11.1.1 on an iPhone 6.


Same for me on the latest iOS 11.2 beta, only since the latest update to the PP app.

Open app, asked to login again, compete with magic email. If I force quit at this point though and reopen the app logs straight in no issue.

EDIT: interestingly, turning the phone off for a minute or so then turning it back on looks to resolve it. Try a hard reset to be sure.

(Dan) #27

I’m getting this too. The app is logging out more than once per day.

(Kevyn) #28

I’m on iOS beta 11.2 (15C5097d) and I am not being logged out (I am using an iPhone 6) using the blue app for the CA.

(Brandon Billingham) #29

Is there an ETA for a fix on this issue?

(Martin Brewer) #30

I’m having same issue on iOS 11.1.1, iPhone 7. App asks me to login with email link every time I use it. Happening over last 4-5 days.

(Jami Welch) #31

Hey all,

We’re investigating this issue. For those of you who keep having this issue, do you have the app protected behind TouchID?

Are you connected on Wifi or your mobile network? We’ve seen some issues where slow connections have resulted in the app not being able to fetch your details fast enough and getting confused.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused!

(Bastiaan Koekkoek) #32

Apparently this is a bug and I was advised to delete the app and reinstall it. Works fine now.


TouchID enabled and happens on both WIFI and mobile network. Happens every so often, seems to be no pattern to it


Same issue here, every few hours (approx) I get logged out of the app and have to go through the ‘magic link’ process again.

App is protected with TouchID, happens on both wifi (very fast connection) and cellular.

ios 11.1.1, latest version of Monzo app (1.9.18). Problem only appeared after updating Monzo.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #35

I’ve been having this problem since the app update. I have a poor mobile internet connection, but it has also happened on wi-fi.

I deleted and reinstalled the app, to no effect. I added the iOS widget in the hope that this would change the behaviour, but it didn’t. Although since last night everything seems fine. Touch wood.

(Richard Lowe) #36

I’ve found that if you are logged out, closing the app and re-opening logs you straight back in.

(Harry) #37

It’s happening for me too, occasionally.

Force quit the app, reopen and it should sign you in.

FYI - It only seems to be when I have Face ID switched on for extra security @Jami so assume Touch ID would be the same.

(Brandon Billingham) #38

Wi-Fi and Mobile Data. Using Touch ID

(MikeF) #39

For reference, I’m not using TouchID at the moment and haven’t been logged out. I was about to enable it, though, so I’ll let you know if something changes as a result.

(Simon) #40

I’ve had this on my iPhone 5s a couple of times today although if I restart the app it seems to log in fine.

The Monzo app has been very slow since I merged prepay and current account. Going into or coming out of transactions seems to hang for a second or so every time. In fact doing anything always freezes the app for a moment until it can catch up. Hoping this will be fixed very soon too

(Heather) #41

Got logged out again even after reinstalling. Latest iOS version