Constantly being logged out

I’m finding since upgrading to an iPhone 11 Pro that I’m being logged out of my monzo app on almost a weekly basis. I’m forced to have to resend a login email every time, often finding that they can be quite slow to deliver meaning that I miss the window of opportunity to log back in. (I’m not looking for answers around changing my email provider - gmail - as I receive emails from elsewhere instantaneously, but the lag in monzo sending these emails is a bit irritating.

I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled but still facing the same issue.

It appears to be a bug for a number of people looking through these forums, and wonder whether there is some instability with the OS I’m using (latest, up to date iOS).

I love Monzo but having to consider other options if I’m not able to guarantee access to my account when I need it.

I’m not sure I’ve ever logged out, so I’m not sure on the flow.

But why do you need an email? Isn’t that for a password reset? Don’t you just type your details and log back in?

I’ve only been logged out unexpectedly once in three years, but that was just last week.

There was an iOS update recently, so maybe the two things are connected? But I also upgraded to Plus a day or two before it happened. So :man_shrugging:

Did you restore your new phone from an iCloud backup?

Monzo can reportedly behave weirdly after an iCloud restore, so if you’ve not already tried, it’s worth deleting the app, downloading a fresh copy from the App Store, and seeing if the issue persists.


I’m not logging out intentionally. The app is doing that itself.

Maybe we have different setups as I don’t have the option to login using username/password. It’s almost like it resets itself, requiring me to resend an activation link to my email to log back in. I get the below screens to log back in, with no other option but to resend an activation email.

This is what I’m suspecting, as I didn’t have this issue previous to upgrading to the 11 pro.

I’ve done this several times now, and although it does temporarily fix the issue, after a while it just happens again. :man_shrugging:

It seems to be treating you like a new device every time, which is bizarre.

I don’t want to log out incase I get stuck but I think normally you press log-out and then log back in with your email/password.

There is no password for Monzo. They use magic email links. It must have been a long time since you last logged out of your app if you’ve forgotten this :sweat_smile:


I’ve never logged out :rofl:

You’re not using a VPN or anything are you? Or have any security settings on your phone that clears your sessions on a weekly basis?

I’m not sure a VPN would cause any issues. Monzo should be able to detect that it’s the same device from fingerprinting despite the IP location. VPN also doesn’t interfere with the device’s location, which Monzo also use for location based security.

I’m regularly having to VPN into remote networks all over the world, including, often tunneling all of my internet data through those connections due to the nature of some of the setups on iOS, and this has never to my knowledge caused Monzo to log me out.

A question for the technical folk out there, but when you login to the Monzo app does it store anything in the iCloud keychain? If it does, that could be it. Sometimes the iCloud keychain can get itself a little confused when restoring from backup or changing anything with your iCloud account.

Another thought…what happened to your old phone after you upgraded? Did you sign out of iCloud properly before resetting it? You may still be logged in on the old phone?

No, nothing.

Completely wiped as it went for recycling.

Are you logging in on another iOS device (iPad maybe)?
You can only be logged into one iOS (or one Android) device at any one time.

No other device logged in (or even have the app installed). Only my iPhone.