Harry Potter : Wizards Unite (new game from Niantic, creators of Pokemon Go)

(Simon B) #1


This could be good. Is Harry Potter as big of a franchise as Pokemon? It might even be bigger? I’ll definitely be playing this :grinning:

Wingardium Leviosa

On it, so fast.

(John) #3

I would be all over this! Anything Harry Potter I enjoy!

(Andy Hughes) #4

I’ll definitely be playing this one! I’m interested to see what the gameplay will be like. The premise of Pokemon Go is simple, because there are hundreds of pokemon they can add and you can catch. Harry Potter doesn’t really have this so it’ll be interesting to see what they do.


I’d be all over this. Can see it being bigger than Pokemon Go.

(Simon B) #6

Here’s the official website :globe_with_meridians:

From what’s on there it basically sounds like Ingress, but with Harry Potter. Which sounds way better to me - the Ingress storyline got overly complex very quickly and hard to keep track of.


Get your wands ready!

(Jonathon) #9

Can’t seem to sign up… :weary:

(Simon B) #10

Looks like launch is soon?


Oh I hope so. Proper hyped for this.


Sounds interesting. Article seems a bit insulting towards kids and adults intelligence though :neutral_face:

(Andy Hughes) #13

I joined the pre-reg today. Can’t wait!!


I joined pre reg too.