Made By Google 2019 - Fancy joining us at Monzo HQ?

Hey y’all!

Google are announcing the Pixel 4, 4 XL and maybe some other things :thinking: on October 15th, with a livestream starting at 2pm.

We’ve opened up 30 slots for you to come and watch it with us in our events space in London! There will be food too. Only 30 slots, so if you’re interested, here’s the link! :android:


:cry: Damn shame I can’t side step the meetings in the diary

I would but it’s gonna be nearly 6 hours of travel in total! :cry:


Ooo, food :wink:

Ticket acquired, I’ll see you there!

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Pixel 4 has been leaked in almost every possible way, but what else do we think might get unveiled tomorrow?

Confirmed already:

  • Pixel 4
  • Pixel 4 XL
  • Google Nest Mini
  • Pixelbook Go

What else might we see? Pixel Watch? Pixel Buds 2? Anything else?

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I don’t think much will be a surprise but I’m hoping they have managed to keep some things back.

I will be putting in my pre-order for the Pixel 4 XL tomorrow (hopefully)!

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I’m hoping for a redesign of the Pixel Buds and at least a tease of a Pixel Watch.

The leaks were so absurd I’m semi expecting Google to be like ‘those leaks are super wrong, we have humongous batteries and a lower price than iPhone 11’

Who’s on their way?

Pixel 4 XL ordered and I’m liking the new buds and the WiFi with built in assistant

What is everyone else’s take on the releases?

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I think I’m sold on the 4XL. Especially since Carphone Warehouse are offering a free HP Chromebook 14 with it. That’s a decent deal.

New Pixel Buds look great! My first gen ones should last me until the news ones come out.

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The free chromebook is on the google store too :grin:

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As @niamhpower says it’s on the Google Store too :partying_face:

I’ll get it on a contract upgrade tbh, so happy to go through CPW.

Just thinking of getting a Pixel 4, but will the lack of a finger print reader be an issue? I have read it has facial ID only.

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This is an interesting question and I’m guessing apps will use the biometric API which should include both fingerprint and Google’s new face ID but maybe @simonb can find out more?

P.S. especially if delivery of the Pixel 4s will be on the 29 Oct

I am hoping it will work as i ordered one yesterday for delivery on the 22nd October. @simonb could you let us know about facial ID on the pixel 4 please.

Keep an eye on this thread too:

Just out of interest, does it work on an iphone? I don’t think, and i could be wrong, that since the 10 they have no finger print reader.

Yes, but all Monzo have to do is hook into Apple’s Biometric API and Apple takes care of whether it’s face id or fingerprint depending on which phone it is.