Had to record a video in Apple Store

And is it just a video, or video + ID?

To add to this it took 48 hours to be unblocked.

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Always have money in a backup account, fintech or high street doesn’t matter.

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Oh yeah we do now, didn’t before this because you know didn’t think it would happen :frowning:

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I’ve never come up against personally, never had any account frozen so not really worried about it.

I know never say never, I’ve spent more than I’d like to admit at Apple via Monzo and never had any issues there either.


When it happened to me the check was alright I guess, poor chat support that takes hours to reply and the fact it took 3 days to get a phone call was the salt on the wound

If they’re going to be so trigger happy with the freezes and go for the nuclear option of a full account lock they need to have the staff there to deal with it, straight away


This is the key. If they had the support infrastructure it would be forgivable. Otherwise, they’ll end up putting customers in vulnerable situations if they’ve all their eggs in one basket.


It’s pretty pathetic tbh, what they do after making you wait 48 hours for is no different than the high street banks fraud lines that you can call anytime

In my case, I showed the Amazon screenshot which included the name on the account, my sisters name with the same second name

They asked for call logs and screenshots of texts with her to unblock my account lol, makes you wonder what cheap bank your with when they do all that over £700

I should add this card had been on my Amazon account for many months already, with a few higher £value purchases


And? What’s your point?


The support lets down the amazing product, massively

Did they really? I feel like this is a bit too far if so.

Yes, how do you view your chat history in app without creating a new chat? I remember there was a link somewhere in the help section but can’t find it now

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Don’t get me wrong, even this makes a little sense to me. But I had to wait too long to get access to my account back, it gives no confidence to go “Full Monzo” and then get locked out for 2-3 days because of a “suspicious” card transaction

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I have to say sending over my personal texts with someone would be too much for my bank, and I’d be moving away from that.

I get it, but then I don’t like it.


I just went to a part of the chat that was something like Hello, Hi and a few missed calls, but I really don’t get how this stops someone who is already lying to Monzo being scammed when the “proof” it’s as simple as changing a contact name

If you can be convinced to lie to the person on the phone for 30 minutes, sending some fake screenshots the scammer sent you in the chat doesn’t seem out of reach?

The Monzo rep also really wanted them while I was on the phone, but I was struggling to find a bit of the chat I was comfortable to send over so I told them I’d get it over after the call

I suspect this is why. You had all the security controls turned on including additional ones.

I would guess that if you didn’t the check, probably, wouldn’t have triggered.

In the same way someone with a CIFAS marker would expect a secondary level of protection.

I know I can be critical of Monzo but in fairness if I’m on their side I’ll also say so. So for me, this seems like they did it right.

Enjoy your watch by the way!

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The thread actually instilled some confidence in me, I was glad to see it was an automatic check unlike mine and I hope they make proper automatic systems if they aren’t going to hire the staff to make these checks as quick as they should be

Monzo seem to have a reputation for trigger happy fraud blocks. I don’t mind providing it can be sorted out and unblocked right away, as long as it’s actually not fraud and it’s me just trying to spend money.