Apple Pay Verification - Big Problem

I want to verify my Monzo card with Apple Pay on my Apple Watch - If you call the number to verify it tells you to chat to someone in the app (annoying) and when I got a reply it was a bit weird and creepy. I was asked to send a selfie (no thanks) holding up my card with the last 4 digits in view.

This is ridiculous - it wasn’t like this when I did it on my old Apple Watch and I don’t want to send people I don’t know a damn selfie. What a rubbish idea.

You had to do a selfie video to open your account, is this so different?


Is this new? I didn’t have to do any verification other than a code by SMS…

Sometimes Apple requests further verification if you’re adding it through the Wallet app - this is our procedure to make sure it’s you adding it to your own Apple Pay, rather than someone else trying to add it to theirs!


I also got asked to do this and it certainly made me uncomfortable. The difference between that and selfie video is the video feels more mechanical, while on customer support it seems more personal - you know there’s someone on the other end (you can even see a photo of them). Also you never see the account opening selfie video again, but the selfies remain in the chat.

It might make people more comfortable if the selfie you send is blurred out or removed from the chat completely after all the necessary checks have been done. Personally, I don’t like the idea of those selfie’s being there for anyone to look at (I know they shouldn’t, but it still makes me feel uncomfortable) and I can’t think of a reason for them to remain in the chat after they’ve been used.

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So is it Apple that decides to force phone verification, or Monzo?

I’ve never been given call Monzo as the only option on Google Pay, but I’ve had it quite often on Apple Pay :frowning:


I didn’t like that either to be honest, seems very odd to me. I didn’t expect it for adding Apple Pay though!

If you add through the Monzo app you don’t have to do this - I was advised this afterwards and it worked fine.

Uncomfortable is the word. I have anxiety and body dysmorphia and being asked to take a picture of myself (or even having my picture taken by others) makes me feel very uncomfortable - I avoid it as much as possible. It also feels a bit creepy to me that someone is asking for a selfie. No sir, I didn’t like it!

Adding through the app avoids this but it took back a little when I was asked.


I’m with you on this. Pretty sure you don’t have to go into a branch of NatWest to verify for Apple Pay or equivalent. That’s the same thing happening here I think…

I definitely do not like this idea of adding Apple Pay.

Text, or in-app verification please like 3D secure - we are in 2018 and you’re an app-based bank.


When I did it I got a text with a code, unless anything has changed.

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Monzo seem to love selfie verifications - They had this for PIN reminders on Android not so long ago and for Bank Statements few months ago. I hate taking selfies anyway but holding an ID or Card was just way too annoying.

I’ve done it three times, most recent was a few nights ago when I uninstalled the app and I just had to do the SMS code and that was it.

Apple Pay :disappointed:

On the Apple Watch app, I would always do the SMS but it simply wasn’t an option for some reason - no idea why!

Adding through the app avoids this and works perfectly but if you don’t know to do that then this is all you have to go on.

@michaelsft just out of curiosity, if you add it from the app does it add it to the Apple Watch as well?

It was me you talked to :see_no_evil:

Our process is to ask for the selfie as first port of call, adding to the Wallet will not always overcome the verification process, I suggested this as you are unhappy with providing a selfie.

I’m really sorry that I made you feel uncomfortable with this request!

You add it to both separately within the app.

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It’s not your fault, it’s the system you are working with.