Had to record a video in Apple Store

Well, tried to buy an Apple Watch in my local Apple Store and payment declined twice, account frozen and had to upload a video of me talking from the store. Plenty of money in the account to cover the purchase and was using Apple Pay from phone. Store assistant said she’d never seen anything like it before.

Raised a help ticket when I got home and it was flagged a potential account take over. All seems a bit over protective and weird.


Better safe than sorry!


Not when I’m trying to use my card / especially Apple Pay! Other banks send a text to respond to with Y/N. How long did this take to resolve, I wonder.


Gotta look on the positive side :upside_down_face:

I imagine people dont frequent the apple store and this particular chain is high up the list of stores people go to with stolen cards?


Out of interest, did you have location based security turned on?

If no, this seems like a very legacy move - but with a Monzo twist. I’d imagine that you could do the video, which seems unsecure in a public place vs a call or message but could then get on with your day vs being on hold for 20+ min.

But how long does the video verification take?

I understand needing to keep people safe but if my bank blocked my account when I’m using Apple Pay I’d switch.


I have one to do because I haven’t used the account for a while so in the interest of science…

EDIT: 30 seconds. But, that was doing the video in a quiet room at home on solid WIFI.

Wouldn’t be comfortable doing that in store.

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And did the video get verified instantly? Or did it take time for it to happen?

I am inclined to agree. Apple Pay is as secure as it comes to payment and the chances of it being authorised and not being you is slim.


Did you use finger/face for ApplePay? Or pin?

And if these posts (+ on Reddit) are anything to go by, they block the entire account so you can’t even transfer money to an already verified secure payee until you do the verification.

It’s all getting more and more over the top but for what? People who get scammed will still get scammed, the bank will decline a refund; people will then go to the Guardian and get their money back.

This is absurd.

I understand bank transfers and risk, but stood in a shop buying something is a whole new level of wtf.


That’s not all, if you have a business account they lock that too - from personal experience

Monzo really have a problem with buying apple products, my account was locked down for nearly 4 days when I tried to spend £794, live chat asked for a screenshot of the order, as soon as they saw iPhone I assume they put me into the specialist queue who asked me some questions, told me they thought it was fraud and I wouldn’t be refunded to which I replied they were speaking to me on the phone I just bought with a credit card instead

I left full Monzo for around 6-8 months after that, just getting back into it recently

My partners account got locked while in Asda once and she was using the join account which also locked my access to that account. This was what pushed us to also open backup high street accounts.

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It’s cray.

I also see why certain online transactions might get held.

Fortunately never had this but I’d say bye if I did for an in person transaction.


Card transactions are fine but why does the whole account have to be locked down (bank transfers) because of one suspicious card transaction

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If you think a video is bad, some time back Citibank had me go through the entire security process in the shop. They couldn’t understand why when I called them later I wanted a new card and to change all the security details! Said that someone would need to know those details to access the account. I said “you mean the ones I’ve just used to contact you and which the shop knows too?”.

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Sorry yes, 30 seconds to both do the video and for it to be verified.

Yep. Had all the location based stuff on and face verification. It was about 30 seconds to verify thankfully, by no notification in the app why it had been frozen. The sales person suggested I exit and re start the app, then I saw that the whole account had been frozen.

Thankfully about 30 seconds